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7 Reasons Why You Need Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems

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    In a study on CCTV, it was associated with a 16% reduction in the crime rate. Clearly, security cameras are effective against crime, but they serve more purposes than just crime prevention.

    Whether your workplace is commercial or industrial, you can benefit from installing security cameras on your property. Here are 7 reasons why you need security cameras and video surveillance systems for your business.

    1. Reduce Shrinkage

    As we said above, video surveillance systems are extremely beneficial for preventing theft. If your company is suffering from high shrinkage, investing in security cameras can help deter negative behaviors like employee theft and shoplifting from customers.

    Not only that, but security cameras can also help you determine how your products or materials are being damaged. Once you locate the sources, then you can eliminate them and reduce waste in your budget.

    2. Keep Your Employees Productive

    Even the best workers slack off sometimes, especially if they know they’re not under their employer’s watchful eye all the time. As a result, you might get a workforce that’s not as productive as it could be.

    When your workers know you can see what they’re doing in a moment’s notice, they won’t be as tempted to goof off and not do the tasks at hand. Your security cameras will also give you a chance to show appreciation to those who deserve it and reprimand those who need a firm reminder.

    In addition, a surveillance system gives you a better overall view of how the workflow goes. It may help you identify where something can be improved in the pipeline.

    3. Resolve Disputes Quicker

    Workplace disputes will always rise up, especially in high-stress environments. In most cases, it’s a “he said, she said” scenario, and it may be hard to decide on disciplinary action when you’re not sure which side to take.

    If you have security cameras, it may be clearer to discern who was in the wrong and who was in the right. For instance, if one employee claims the other instigated the argument, your recordings may tell you otherwise.

    Having a good surveillance system ensures that you not only get the true story, but you also bring about fair resolutions. This can help facilitate a better overall work environment.

    4. Better Workplace Safety

    Several industries involve dangerous situations for their employees; if your company falls under this category, then you’ll definitely want to get security cameras on your property.

    Considering falls, slips, and other accidents may happen at your workplace, it’s best if all of these are captured and documented. Not only will it provide clear records of when and where accidents happen, but it can also help you improve your safety protocol when you see the most common accidents right in front of your eyes.

    5. Protect Yourself From Legal Action

    Again, accidents are always a possibility in a workplace, even if it’s inside a quiet office. It’s inevitable that someone will get hurt, whether it’s an employee or customer. When it does, you want to make sure you’re covered so you’re not liable.

    Should anyone try to take legal action against you wrongly, you can swiftly counter it with hard evidence from your surveillance systems.

    This helps in cases where employees take legal action against one another as well. When you can provide them with video recordings, it can help their court proceedings go a lot quicker and smoother.

    6. Protect Your Employees and Clients

    If your employees are out on a remote construction site and work long hours, they may be more susceptible to criminal activity. Not only are they out in the boondocks, but they may not be as alert after a long shift. This can be a recipe for disaster if there are no security cameras in place.

    By installing a robust video surveillance system, you’ll deter criminals from even thinking about committing any crimes on your property. Not only will this protect your employees, but it can also safeguard any clients you may have visiting the site. This will ensure everyone gets to and from the worksite and their vehicles safely.

    7. Get Peace of Mind

    Let’s say you and your colleagues are at a trade show. You’ve invested a ton of time and money into making sure your booth is one of the best around.

    If you’re there for multiple days, then you may not feel 100% secure about leaving your booth on the premises overnight. With Mobile Video Guard, we can provide you with our Trade Show Video Guard so you can get peace of mind while you’re not physically there at your booth.

    This video surveillance system is portable and easy to set up, which means if you’re on a long business trip, you can quickly set up and take down this security camera system.

    Having a surveillance system deter people from theft and vandalism. Not only that, but if they do decide to go through with it, you’ll have concrete evidence of who did it and when. This can save you a lot of hassle when you need to provide evidence for police investigations.

    Questioning Why You Need Security Cameras? Reach Out to Mobile Video Guard Today

    As you can see, security cameras and video surveillance systems are key in protecting you, your business, employees, and clients/customers. While it may initially be an added cost to have them installed, they’ll definitely pay for themselves quickly when you see all the benefits you can reap.

    If you’re interested in hearing more about video surveillance systems, then get in touch with us. Mobile Video Guard helps businesses from all around the nation.


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