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4 Types Of Industrial Sites Protected By Mobile Video Surveillance

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    When and Where to Make the Most of Remote Video Surveillance Trailers for Industrial Sites

    Industrial Surveillance is Critical

    Everyone wants to ensure a safe workplace – during work hours and after hours. Some industrial sites pose more challenges than others, such as industrial sites. Industrial work often requires the use of dangerous equipment, the storage of valuable materials, and remote or unguarded locations that make them especially vulnerable at night.

    You could hire a security guard, but who’s to say he’ll stay alert on the job? Plus, security guards can become very expensive very quickly. 

    You could install a surveillance system, but what if your project is short-term, or indeterminate? You could waste your time and money or sign a contract on a system you’ll only need for a short time..

    Or, you could do the smart thing and employ the use of mobile video surveillance units. 

    Mobile Video Surveillance is THE Simple Solution

    Mobile video surveillance is a one-stop solution to after-hours security for industrial sites. Mobile trailer units are equipped with high-tech cameras mounted on telescoping poles to provide a 360-degree view of your site. 

    The presence of a single mobile remote surveillance trailer helps to stop crime and secure your site. 

    Read on to see why remote video surveillance with mobile video units is such a good fit for these 4 industrial site types.

    1. Equipment Yards, Storage Yards & Warehouses

    Equipment and storage yards are home to thousands of dollars worth or more of valuable assets. Building equipment, as well as parts and supplies for infrastructure development or maintenance projects, are often stored in large quantities at remote work sites until needed. 

    These are often unmanned and neglected as far as security goes, leaving them open to theft or vandalism. Thieves or vandals can cause not only huge financial losses, but also delay your project’s timeline significantly.

    A video surveillance system helps prevent theft and vandalism with crime-deterrent features including flashing red and blue strobe lights and a speaker to issue a verbal warning.

    If trespassers persist in suspicious activities, remote monitoring specialists will immediately notify your local law enforcement to apprehend the subjects, preventing loss and keeping your project on-time.

    2. Construction Sites

    Construction sites security is a big industry for a good reason. Crews coming in and out, heavy machinery, and valuable tools and building materials all make construction sites ripe for crime – especially metal theft.

    Crime aside, construction is also one of the most dangerous occupations due to injury, both fatal and non-fatal. Construction accidents accounting for one in five private-sector worker fatalities in 2017.

    With remote monitoring services, you not only have security in off-hours, but you can improve safety for workers on shift. Surveillance can help ensure quality work and adherence to standards. And adherence to protocol makes your project safer for everyone – crew and end-users alike.

    3. Utility Infrastructure Sites

    Substations, cell towers and other infrastructures used for public facilities are often remote and unmanned. Cell towers, especially, are vulnerable due to their remote locations and openness to harsh weather.

    Plus, cell phone towers are made of components which are highly valuable for opportunistic trespassers. Thieves can make quite a lot of money selling copper wire and aluminum components from a cell tower, as well as the towers’ large batteries.

    Theft, vandalism, and weather events or equipment failures are extra damaging for utility infrastructure due to the impact these events have on the people who depend on these resources.

    Don’t wait until repairs or regular maintenance to find out about infrastructure damage. Mobile video monitoring means trained eyes will be on your utility infrastructure when your personnel aren’t around. With professionals watching your site for any sign of mishap, you can prevent damage, or repair it ASAP if it happens.

    Mobile video monitoring will help you keep your clients happy and your budget on track.

    4. Scrap and Recycling Yards

    Scrap yards, junkyards, and recycling centers may not be the first places that come to mind when you’re considering industrial site security. But that doesn’t mean they’re not valuable.

    Thieves think the same way too: it’s trash, anyway – who’s going to miss it? The answer – you. From rare car parts to copper in old appliances, anything stolen from your scrap or recycling yard is a blow to your bottom line.

    Did you know: a skilled thief can strip a car of its major parts in about 30 minutes and sell them for more than the vehicle was worth. If that doesn’t make you think about choosing a security system for your scrapyard, then what will? 

    Build your bottom line by safeguarding every bit of value in your yard.

    With remote video monitoring, you not only get real-time monitoring (and you can watch your site, too, through Mobile Video Guard’s mobile app), but you also get hard evidence of theft or damage as clear proof for your insurance company or police department should you need it.

    Other Options For Industrial Site Security

    To recap, remote mobile video monitoring trailers are able to do the following for your industrial sites for 60-90% less than the cost of security guards on a month-to-month basis: 

    • Deter trespassers
    • Prevent theft and vandalism
    • Provide real-time monitoring
    • Improve worksite security and safety
    • Deliver clear proof of an accident or incident
    • Provide visual evidence for police investigation

    But if, for whatever reason, a mobile video unit won’t fulfill your industrial site’s unique security needs, you do have other options. Here are just a few of them:

    1. Armed Security Guards

    Law enforcement trained security guards are highly skilled individuals who will carry a gun to secure your site with the utmost means necessary.

    1. Wall or Pole Mounted Mobile Video Guard Units

    You can actually utilize the same technology as Mobile Video Guard’s remote surveillance trailers by utilizing their high-tech camera units mounted to your site’s own fixture.

    1. Customizable Video Surveillance as a Service

    If you’re interested in managed or hosted video surveillance, but aren’t sure if the options above are right for you, you may be interested in Video Surveillance as a Service integrated with your own security cameras, or with customized camera features to meet your individualized needs.

    Contact Mobile Video Guard today if you want to speak to an expert about securing your various industrial sites


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