How To Choose the Best Security Cameras for Your Scrap Metal Yard

Did you know that security cameras for business can help you prevent theft and fraud, save money, and even lower the frequency of workplace harassment? 

It’s true – these are all benefits you can receive simply from installing security cameras in your scrap metal yard. 

But in order to receive these benefits, you need to choose the right kind of camera for your requirements.

Below are the steps required to select the best business security cameras so you can protect your scrap yard and prevent costly theft.

Understand the Geography of Your Scrap Yard

Scrap metal yards aren’t always just a basic square or rectangle shape.

Many scrap metal yards have different sections or areas that are away from the main yard. 

These places are often even further away from the office part of the business where people tend to stay while working.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Are there certain high-traffic points that would make sense for security cameras in the yard? Examples include a front gate, loading dock, etc.
  • Which direction should the cameras be pointing?
  • Based on the size and shape of the yard, how many cameras will you need?

Of course, it’s okay if you can’t answer all of these concerns right away. Many of them will be addressed in the next phase of selecting a camera.

Let’s zoom in by deciding deciding whether you want an off-the-shelf system or a more advanced custom install.

Pre-Packaged Security Cameras for Business vs. Custom Services

When looking at surveillance options for your business, you’ll come across many different kinds of security camera equipment

They will all have different prices and features. Generally speaking, you will have to choose between two options. 

These options include number one an off-the-shelf solution, which includes everything you need without placement and installation or customization.

Option two includes speaking with a video camera specialist. Under this option the specialist comes out to your scrap yard and then designs and install a custom solution based upon your needs.

The advantage of using an off-the-shelf system is that this option is cheaper. You’ll pay one flat fee to get everything you need to set up the system.

The downside is that this option requires more work on your end to set up. But it also means that you might not place your cameras securely or strategically for lighting and safety purposes. 

Using a custom solution is usually a bit more expensive than an off-the-shelf option. However, these custom solutions are designed specifically for the needs of your scrap metal yard. 

The cameras in them also have advanced functionality like zoom, pan, tilt, and infrared vision.

See what is going on- clearly. 

Finding a Source for Your Security Cameras

After evaluating your yard and deciding whether you need pre-packaged cameras or a custom design, the final step is choosing a provider.

If you’re going for a pre-packaged solution, there are many different options – you can look at the lists of options online or go to a store in your area.

But for a custom security camera package that gives you everything necessary without tons of your time to install, you need a specialist. 

We have been helping local clients in and around the D.C. area for years. Contact us today to see how we can assist you with security cameras and secure your scrap yard.

Let’s envision a safer tomorrow- today. 

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