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Using Mobile Video Monitoring to Improve Outdoor Event Safety

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    Why You Can’t Skip Security For Your Outdoor Event

    Outdoor events are usually fun affairs – large numbers of people gather to enjoy a common interest, whether food, games, art, music or any number of things. But where people gather, so does danger. More than one in five say they have considered canceling their plans to attend large-scale events because of security concerns.

    The Dangers of The Great Outdoors

    First, you have the inherent dangers posed simply by having such a large event outdoors. Inclement weather, failure of large equipment, and vulnerability to criminals due to large crowds and weak perimeters are just a few.

    The Human Element

    Then, you have the added dangers posed simply by having large numbers of people in one place. The human hazards posed by special events held outdoors can run the gamut from physical violence and theft to lost children and kidnapping. 

    Improve your special outdoor event security with a simple, inexpensive surveillance solution: mobile video surveillance monitoring services.

    How Mobile Video Surveillance Enhances Event Site Security

    Remote video surveillance is a common solution for people needing to secure any type of site for less than it would cost to employ security guards. However, you might not have realized that remote video surveillance can also be mobile. 

    What is Remote Mobile Video Surveillance

    For outdoor eventmobile video surveillance, security cameras are mounted onto a retractable 30 foot tall pole attached to a ruggedized, portable trailer. These trailers are designed to withstand the elements, so you can be sure they’ll stand up to whatever outdoor events you have planned. 

    Mobile video surveillance trailers use remote video from high-tech units with 9 camera views to relay live feed from your event to a real-time operations center (RTOC). At the RTOC, trained security specialists monitor your event, ready to deploy your local law enforcement at a moment’s notice.

    These trailers are ideal for short-term, outdoor events and are usually available almost immediately, even on short notice.

    Special Events Needing Remote Mobile Video Surveillance Trailers

    If you’re planning any of the following events, we’d recommend considering the use of a short-term remote mobile video surveillance solution for temporary security.

    State and County Fairs, Festivals & Carnivals

    Fairs and carnivals are a local highlight – with food, rides, games and other attractions, what’s not to love? 

    For one, crowds make it easy for parents to get separated from their children. The result, at best is minutes of fear, and at worst, kidnapping. While kidnapping rates are actually very low in the U.S., you can prevent kidnapping entirely – and help lost children find their parents – with mobile video surveillance. 

    Remote Video Surveillance Specialists with Mobile Video Guard have at least 5 years of police or security experience and are highly skilled in identifying any suspicious activity. Someone will be on-site to apprehend any criminal suspect within moments. And if parents report a lost child, surveillance specialists can scan the crowd from a bird’s-eye view for lone children.

    It’s important to be well-versed in carnival and fair safety precautions. Security for fairs and festivals can also protect against other hazards including tenuous equipment safety, dangerous trespassers, and vandalism. Remote monitored video is effective in stopping criminal activity, as well as recording accidents – the stored video can be used after the event as evidence for legal or insurance proceedings.

    You can also use recorded footage of your special outdoor event to assess the performance of your carnival or fair. A thorough review can help you make your next year’s event even better.

    Concerts & Music Festivals

    If you’re planning a music festival, there’s a lot to keep in mind – food trucks, hydration, sanitation – and security. Like it or not, some music festival attendees plan on partaking in illegal activities. And then some illegal activities you don’t expect may happen as well.

    Be on your guard, whatever happens, with mobile video surveillance.

    And don’t forget about parking lot security! A loud concert is a perfect distraction for thieves to break into and steal cars unnoticed while concertgoers are busy being entertained. 

    While your featured artists probably have their own security, and your arena may be secured by cameras and guards, it would be a huge mistake to neglect your parking lot. Try having a mobile remote surveillance trailer for your arena, amphitheater, or other outdoor event space as well as one or more to protect your parking lot.

    Political Rallies & Demonstrations

    Political demonstrations draw people of all ages to support or oppose their preferred candidates. While one hopes their political outdoor event will go smoothly, with sensitive feelings and strongly-held viewpoints on opposing issues, political events can turn ugly quickly. 

    Mobile video surveillance trailers can help you keep an eye on the crowd with remote views and dampen any hot feelings before it turns into a big problem.

    Plus, if you have an especially notorious politician on board, you may need to be prepared for unexpected and dangerous violence. In this case, you may want to layer your mobile remote video monitoring with the assistance of an armed guard on site or executive or dignitary security services.

    Car & Bike Shows 

    Security is crucial at car and bike shows – enthusiasts are out with their prized possessions, ranging in price up to millions of dollars. 

    Protect your car and bike show participants and their valuable vehicles against vandalism and theft with mobile video surveillance. Crime aside, you might need the footage for insurance or legal purposes if someone’s ride is accidentally damaged. 

    Sporting Events

    Emotions run high at sporting events, especially when the crowds are loyal to their local teams. 

    Hyper-loyal fans have been known to brawl, vandalize, and otherwise disrupt what should be a safe, enjoyable pastime with their aggressive behavior. 

    Ensure your sporting event is enjoyable and safe for all. Using a mobile surveillance trailer allows security specialists to see your whole site and alert your team of unsavory behavior and make sure your event stays safe.

    Let’s Recap

    Remote video surveillance trailers are the perfect solution for outdoor special events, helping you 

    • Improve overall crowd safety
    • Prevent kidnapping
    • Reunite lost children with parents
    • Stop theft and vandalism
    • Improve next year’s event
    • Provide evidence for insurance or legal defense

    Mobile Video Guard’s trailer unites provide security for 60-90% less than security guards, deploy instantly, and utilize highly trained security personnel to secure your event. 

    If you need event security services for your upcoming event, you can contact Mobile Video Guard for a quote here.


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