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Parking Lot Cameras & Security: Everything You Need To Know

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    How to Choose the Best Parking Lot Cameras

    The global market for surveillance cameras is expected to grow to about $23 billion by 2025

    This tells you there’ll be a lot to choose from when looking for parking lot cameras. 

    The importance of surveillance cameras can’t be overstated.

    The increasing security threats and terrorist attacks are reasons enough to secure your parking space. Having well-monitored parking lot cameras can go a long way in averting attacks before they happen.

    Whether you need parking lot cameras for your business space or residential property, you need to get the best. 

    The process of choosing one that’ll suit your needs can be demanding. Knowing what comprises a good quality camera is the starting point of your purchase.

    Let’s zoom in!

    Types of Parking Lot Cameras

    On the market today, you’ll find two main types of parking lot security cameras. The older version is the CCTV analog system, still in use by many companies today. 

    Those CCTV cameras broadcast closed-circuit signals to analog recording devices like DVR.

    The camera then sends footages to various channels on your DVR. You can view what’s happening through one of the four to sixteen channels. 

    CCTV cameras require constant monitoring by you or your employees.

    The other type is the IP camera. This one works by sending footage to a Network Video Recorder that uses a Power over Ethernet system.

    The power for the camera runs through the data cable, hence requiring fewer cables to install and run.

    The NVR system has between four and sixteen channels for your viewing. Footages from the parking lot can be accessed over the internet using your smartphone. 

    This allows you to view what’s happening remotely, at the convenience of your fingertips.

    It’s evident that the IP camera provides more advantages over the CCTV type. 

    It gives you access to your parking lot even when you’re away.

    Importance of Parking Lot Security Cameras

    Some people might wonder whether it’s vital to install parking lot cameras. The answer is a resounding yes it is. 

    Apart from keeping your customers feeling safe, they also help with law enforcement.

    Successful identification of culprits helps to get justice for the victims. 

    Camera recordings also provide proof of the damage done or stolen items. Camera footage can help protect you against false liability claims.

    When properly installed and monitored, cameras make it safer to walk in high-risk areas. They help track who gets into your property, and reduce cases of trespassing.

    The cameras can also catch people who try to park without paying in case yours is a paid parking site.

    Unfortunately, surveillance cameras can fail you at times. For example, when there are power outages, your surveillance will be disrupted. For this reason, always strive to have a powering backup plan.

    Thieves sometimes target by stealing or break your cameras. You can avoid this by installing them in a place where it’s hard to spot them.

    Strive to strategically protect your cameras from rain and wind to prevent them from tampering with surveillance.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing Parking Lot Cameras

    Having parking lot cameras installed shouldn’t be just for the sake of it. 

    Remember that parking lots are the most common locations for crimes. As such, you need a camera with robust specifications.

    1. Night Vision

    How busy is your parking lot at night? 

    As you check the visibility of your camera at daytime, consider if you’ll need night vision capabilities as well.

    Most likely you’ll need them, to ensure your business parking lot is safe.

    The only exception to this requirement would be if the parking lot is deserted at night. As long as there are cars parked there, go for cameras with night vision capability.

    Night vision cameras come with IR LEDs to help you get clear footage even in low light. 

    Avoid installing them inside your room to monitor through a window. Doing this might block your view or produce not-so-clear images.

    2. Resolution

    The best way to get the best image quality is to find a camera with high resolution. This is the only way you’ll be able to identify the culprit. It’ll also bring the license plate number close enough.

    More specifically, go for cameras with a resolution of 1440p and above. Don’t ignore the fact that a high resolution will attract a higher price. However, you’d rather part with much money and get good value for it.

    If actual identification is not a priority to you, go for cameras with a resolution between 720p and 1080p.

    3. Weatherproof

    Since your parking lot cameras will be placed outdoors, they should be waterproof.

    Go for cameras that are sturdy enough to survive through inclement weather conditions. The cameras should also be vandal proof.

    Parking lot cameras that are hard to break or steal are the best buy. Professional installation services will help to ensure the cameras are tightly and securely fixed.

    4. Motion Sensor and Zooming Features

    It’s highly recommended that you choose parking lot cameras with motion sensors. A motion detection camera senses all action when there’s movement near it. 

    It’s amazing, you can even program them to zoom in and follow movements around the parking lot- catching every bit.

    The three options of activating the camera are

    • Turning on the flood light
    • Starting the recording
    • Starting the alarm

    Cameras with motion sensor work better and smarter than those without.

    They also come with a lot of advantages, including saving you time and money. Making it all the more reliable in comparison with others, thus providing you with better protection.

    5. Analog or Digital

    It’s worth noting that digital and analog cameras may not have the same capabilities. 

    The analog CCTV cameras are more suitable for on-site viewing. They have the potential for high volume recording.

    The digital IP cameras allow you to view footage remotely- from your phone. They come with a much higher resolution than the CCTV system. Plus, because they’re wireless, you can put them anywhere in your parking lot.

    View footage that covers a much larger area that their CCTV counterparts.

    6. Placement

    As you consider the various models available, think about their installation. 

    You may want to install the camera at the entrance, but its size may not allow for this. 

    You can ask a profession camera company about designs that can be installed discreetly at the entrance and exit points.

    Ensure that you have as many cameras as possible to make the whole place secure.

    The further up they’re installed, the safer they’ll be, and the safer you’ll be.

    7. Cost

    In most cases, if you want high-quality parking lot cameras, you’ll have to part with some money. However, this isn’t to say that all expensive cameras are the best quality. 

    You’d be surprised to find that good quality cameras are relatively priced and quite affordable.

    Have a budget in mind, get a couple of different opinions and work around it. Don’t shy off from adjusting it upwards if the need arises. 

    It helps to shop based on your business needs and not necessarily on the budget.

    With that in mind, the lack of scandal will pay off in the long run. 

    Examples of Parking Lot Cameras to Consider

    Now that you know what to look for in security cameras, here are two you should check out.

    1. IPCC-9610 V2- 10x Camera

    This is a camera with a professional build and falls under the IP camera category.

    It comes with a color sensor that makes resolution better up to 1920 x 1080 pixels. It has high-quality zoom capabilities that produce sharp and clear images.

    Other features of the camera are a motion sensor, zoom features, and easy-to-use ONVIF technology. 

    The camera is also compatible with various platforms like iPhones, Windows, and MacOS- so that you can access footage anywhere. 

    The downside of the camera is in its fragility. The smallest hitch can necessitate the need for a new camera. 

    The motors can be a bit noisy from time to time which may just tip off a thief in aftermath.

    2. Swann SWPRO- 842CAM-US Camera

    This camera comes with a very high and strong resolution of 900 TVL. 

    It produces sharp and clear pictures, covering a distance of about 25 meters. 

    Its night vision makes it ideal for use in poorly lit areas.

    You can plug the camera to your DVR for recording or TV for video surveillance. It offers a viewing angle of 59 degrees at all times. 

    Images are colored during the day and switch to black and white at night.

    The waterproof casing makes it withstand all weather conditions. This camera is ideal for use both at home and in commercial places.

    Unfortunately, the visuals are not very clear under direct sunlight.

    Final Thoughts

    The security of your parking lot matters just like the interior of your business premises matters.

    Having parking lot cameras is one of the most convenient ways to boost security.

    If you don’t know what comprises a good camera, finding one might be hard.

    Some of the features to look out for include resolution. You want a camera that captures clear footage for purposes of identification. 

    High-resolution cameras are usually expensive but worth the investment.

    Choose between analog and digital cameras. Their monitoring differs, with one requiring you to be there constantly. Cost, placement, weatherproof and zooming features are other essential factors.

    Once you’ve chosen the best fit, have them installed and keep them running. The risk of having the cameras switched off is too high, and anything could happen.

    Do you have any questions about security cameras? Be sure to contact us to answer your questions.

    We will walk you through the best fit for your specific parking lot. 


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