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Enhancing Tenant Safety: 10 Key Benefits of Security Systems in Apartment Complexes

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    Security Systems in Apartment Complexes is often overlooked, but it’s crucial for several reasons. In this blog, you’ll learn more about the need for comprehensive security in apartments, as well as ten key benefits of investing in a security system. As a landlord or property manager, it’s your job to make your apartment complexes appealing to potential tenants and safe for current tenants. One of the simplest ways to do this is to invest in a security systems in apartment complexes.

    The Need for Comprehensive Security Systems in Apartment Complexes

    Data from the Department of Justice reveals that renters are more likely than homeowners to experience break-ins. Experts suggest that this is the case because apartment complexes typically have more people entering and leaving each day, whereas homes only have a few people coming and going. Because renters — especially those in apartments with 2-4 units, according to the DOJ’s research — are more vulnerable to break-ins, it’s critical that landlords invest in comprehensive security solutions to protect them.

    Key Components of Apartment Security

    A standard apartment security system typically includes some or all of the components listed below:
    • Gates to control building and parking lot access
    • Security cameras in common areas, including hallways, stairwells, and parking lots
    • Video doorbells
    • Motion-activated lighting
    • Door and window sensors
    • Gates and secure locks for the building perimeter and the parking lot
    • Fences surrounding the apartment building’s perimeter
    • Window bars
    • Real-time security monitoring
    • Professional security guards
    • Unit-specific security features (locks, peepholes, etc.)
    A security system doesn’t necessarily need all of these things to be effective. At a minimum, though, strategically placed security cameras, motion-activated lights, and gates or fences can make a big difference.

    Advantages of Implementing Security Systems

    At first, landlords and property management team members might balk at the idea of investing in security systems for the entire apartment complex. When you consider these benefits, though, you might change your mind:

    1. Collect a Visual Record of Incidents

    Security cameras allow you to collect a visual record of incidents, from burglaries and tenant disputes to parking lot issues (vehicle crashes, vandalism, etc.). This record will come in especially handy when you need evidence​​ to share with law enforcement officers. After all, eyewitnesses can often be unreliable. When you have security camera footage to pull up and replay, you can find out exactly what happened and who’s at fault.

    2. Deter Criminal Activity

    The simple presence of cameras can deter thieves and vandals​​. Knowing that they’re being recorded will make them think twice about doing something that could harm the apartment building, someone else’s property, or another person. Because many security cameras are motion-activated, they alert property managers and landlords as soon as something questionable occurs. That way, the manager or landlord can take action sooner and decide how to handle the situation appropriately.

    3. Enhance Tenant Security

    Security systems make tenants feel safer​​, too. In the same way that seeing a camera can deter criminals, seeing a camera can also create a sense of safety and security for tenants. Knowing that activity is being recorded can provide peace of mind and help them feel confident that, if something goes wrong, there will be evidence to help them resolve the case as quickly as possible.

    4. Increase Property Value

    Did you know that security systems can also increase property value? If you’ve already invested in security for the building, that saves potential investors or buyers a step. They can take over the building sooner without having to worry about setting up cameras because you’ve already done that for them — which can work in your favor when you’re negotiating a price for the property.

    5. Save Money

    Security systems can save you money in a few different ways. First, they can reduce the number of repair costs you have to manage as a landlord or property manager. Because the presence of cameras deters vandals and other criminals, you won’t have to spend as much time cleaning up spray paint or repairing damaged property. Security systems can also save you money when it comes to insurance premiums. Some insurance providers will give you a discount if you install a security system because they know that it protects your building and reduces the likelihood that you’ll need to file a claim in the future.

    6. Generate More Rental Income

    After you install a security system, you can advertise it as one of the perks of living at your apartment complex. People will likely be willing to pay extra to live in a secure apartment that provides them with an additional layer of protection, meaning a more profitable business for you.

    7. Experience Greater Legal Protection

    Security systems can protect your complex against lawsuits, too​​. When you have video evidence showing what happened in a particular situation, you can use that to show that someone else is at fault.

    8. Decrease Tenant Turnover

    Not only are people more likely to want to become tenants when they see that your apartment complex includes a security system, but they will also be less likely to want to leave. Decreased tenant turnover saves you money and helps you run your business more smoothly (because you don’t have to pay to clean out apartments, advertise vacancies, screen candidates, etc.).

    9. Attract Superior Tenants

    When the time does come to advertise a vacancy and encourage new people to move into your apartment complex, you can also attract superior tenants by letting them know that you run a safe, secure property with a surveillance system in place. Advertising this fact will catch the interest of more honest, reliable, upstanding renters who want to live in a complex like yours.

    10. Create a Community-Oriented Environment

    Finally, security updates can foster community relations and safety awareness​​. When you install or update the security system at your complex, you can host an event that teaches everyone about the importance of apartment security and what they can do to protect themselves and their neighbors. The presence of cameras can also get people thinking about safety more frequently and encourage them to adjust their behaviors since they know they’ll be recorded in certain areas.

    What to Look for in Apartment Complex Security Systems?

    Apartment complex security systems come in many different types and varieties. If you’re not sure which system to purchase for your property, be sure to consider these crucial factors:

    Real-Time Monitoring

    Systems with real-time monitoring features allow you to review security footage at any time through a convenient mobile app. This ability helps you check on the property even when you can’t physically be there, which can provide greater peace of mind and allow you to be more proactive in protecting the complex.

    After-Hours Surveillance

    The best systems offer after-hours surveillance (typically from 6 am to 6 pm), so you don’t have to worry about checking your app at all hours of the night. Instead, trained security personnel will monitor the cameras for you and, if they notice anything suspicious, alert the proper authorities (and let you know so you can manage the problem).


    Look for a security system that includes two-way loudspeakers. This feature enables you — or whoever is viewing the camera footage — to communicate back and forth with people being recorded and let them know that they’ve been caught, that you’re calling the police, etc.


    There’s no point in having cameras recording the property if nobody can see what’s happening when it’s dark outside. Proper lighting is critical to recording clear, easily viewable video footage. Make sure you have plenty of lights in common areas, including the parking lot, where crimes are more likely to occur.

    Alarm Systems

    Alarm systems alert you when particular doors have been opened or certain areas have been entered. They can also deter people from trespassing in areas they aren’t supposed to enter. Similar to security cameras, the presence of an alarm system alone is often enough to prevent people from trying to access unauthorized locations.

    Fire Protection

    Look for a security system that also includes fire protection features. Wireless fire alarms help to protect your tenants and the property by allowing you to call the fire department right away and get assistance as soon as possible. These alarms are also more difficult to tamper with, making them a safer option to use in places like apartment complexes that have so many people moving through them.


    Security Systems in Apartment Complexes play a critical role in deterring crime, protecting tenants, increasing the marketability of your property, and decreasing tenant turnover. Investing in the right security equipment — including high-quality, reliable cameras — is a step in the right direction toward creating a stronger community at your complex. If you’re ready to invest in tenant safety, Mobile Video Guard is here for you with no long-term contracts, no surprise fees, and no hidden expenses. Contact us today to learn more about our apartment security systems or to get a free quote.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Apartment Complex Security Systems

    Apartment complexes face increased security challenges due to higher foot traffic and are more susceptible to break-ins. Implementing comprehensive security systems is crucial to protect tenants, deter criminal activity, and enhance overall safety.

    A standard apartment security system may include gates for building and parking lot access, security cameras in common areas, video doorbells, motion-activated lighting, door and window sensors, secure locks, fences, window bars, real-time security monitoring, and professional security guards.

    Landlords and property managers benefit from security systems by collecting visual records of incidents, deterring criminal activity, enhancing tenant security, increasing property value, saving money on repairs and insurance premiums, generating more rental income, experiencing greater legal protection, decreasing tenant turnover, attracting superior tenants, and fostering a community-oriented environment.

    Security cameras provide a visual record of incidents, deter criminal activity through their presence, and enhance tenant security by creating a sense of safety. They also aid law enforcement by providing evidence and can contribute to decreased tenant turnover and increased property value.

    Yes, security systems can save landlords money by reducing repair costs associated with vandalism, offering potential discounts on insurance premiums, and decreasing tenant turnover expenses.

    Security systems can foster community relations and safety awareness by encouraging residents to be mindful of security, hosting events to educate about apartment security, and promoting a sense of responsibility among community members.

    Landlords should look for security systems with real-time monitoring, after-hours surveillance, two-way loudspeakers, sufficient lighting, alarm systems, and fire protection features. These elements contribute to a more effective and comprehensive security solution.

    Yes, wireless fire alarms are beneficial for their quick response in emergencies and resistance to tampering. They are particularly suitable for apartment complexes with high foot traffic and provide an added layer of safety for tenants.

    Landlords can ensure transparency and cost-effectiveness by carefully reviewing contracts from security system providers, avoiding long-term commitments, and seeking clarification on terms and conditions before signing agreements.

    Mobile Video Guard offers high-quality, reliable apartment security systems with no long-term contracts, no surprise fees, and no hidden expenses. Contact us for more information or to request a free quote tailored to your specific needs.


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