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4 Reasons to Have a CCTV Surveillance System in Multifamily Buildings

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    Well-secured multifamily buildings can be a joy to live in and manage. But with many different types of people coming and going, security is definitely a challenge with any apartment, condominium or senior living facility.

    How can you protect your investment as a landlord and help the families who rent or buy from you to feel more comfortable living in a multi-person structure or community? CCTV video surveillance can help.

    CCTV video surveillance is an excellent way to accomplish both goals. The right CCTV system for your building can both protect property and residents by reducing theft and vandalism.

    Just the presence of video cameras can reduce criminal activity. If property crimes do occur, law enforcement officers are more likely to catch and prosecute the perpetrators when they have video evidence.

    Benefits of Installing CCTV Video Surveillance Systems in Multifamily Buildings

    In several ways, CCTV can aid in making families feel more secure in the apartment or condo building you own or manage. This leads to several benefits to the landlord, including the following:

    • More consistency in occupancy rates. When security devices are installed in the building, it becomes more attractive to families and other desirable tenants. Deterring crime leads to families staying in their units for longer periods so there is less turnover, and you have fewer expenses connected to finding new tenants and completing new rental applications.
    • Higher potential rents. The amenity of increased surveillance is one that many people will pay more for. Even in neighborhoods that have low crime rates, renters are willing to spend more per month to keep it that way. Potential renters recognize that video surveillance can reduce the likelihood of break-ins.
    • Asset protection. You want to make sure that others — especially those who are not tenants — are not vandalizing or damaging the common areas of your building. Even complexes with access control may get the occasional guest or unauthorized person on the premises. 
    • Better community image. When people see that your building has security, it creates a positive connection. That might not translate to an immediate rental, but it can make potential renters identify your facility as one that is more desirable. When the time comes to find a new living situation, they’ll think positively of your multifamily complex. As well, when you install additional security, other landlords may follow suit, leading to a better neighborhood with lower crime.

    CCTV video surveillance is quickly becoming a must for landlords who want to protect their tenants and their property. The right system can be cost-effective and prevent costly repairs that must be made in the case of vandalism or theft. Both you and your residents benefit from a well-planned video security system in the common or public areas of the apartment building and grounds.

    Installing and Using a CCTV Video Surveillance System in an Apartment Complex

    While you want to maintain resident privacy to the fullest extent possible, you also want to ensure that no one feels unsafe. Installing cameras in common areas and near doors to main hallways can help prevent non-tenants from following a resident inside and from committing crimes if they do slip in. 

    For maximum effectiveness, look for a system that:

    • Consistently records on motion 24/7. With today’s technology, security cameras can be easily configured to record on motion, saving the hassle of recording when there’s nothing going on. Systems can also create alerts whenever a person or vehicle enters a specific area.
    • Enables you to look in remotely. Many systems permit authorized users to access footage from smartphones and mobile devices. You can keep an eye on your multifamily building from any location.
    • Has high-resolution images. There’s little benefit to installing a video surveillance system that produces grainy, hard-to-see footage. That will make it less likely that you’ll monitor for problems and can make it difficult to prosecute crimes if they do occur. 
    • Is flexible. You’ll want the option to add additional cameras later on, should another area require surveillance. Or, if you make changes to your facility (maybe a new common room or laundry room is a future possibility), you’ll want to be able to change security system components to cover those new additions.
    • Works with other security systems. Pair your video with alarm systems and access control for maximum effectiveness. 
    • Can be installed in a variety of environments. Many areas of your multifamily building, such as outside pool areas or exterior doors, should be covered by cameras. Those cameras must have housings that can handle weather extremes, including cold temperatures and water in the form of rain or snow. 

    You’ll also want to make sure tenants are informed about the presence of security cameras. Whenever possible, individual unit doors should not be included in the range of surveillance for your system to ensure privacy.

    Instead, focus on common areas, parking garages, building exteriors that are most prone to vandalism and areas of entrance and egress for the entire facility.

    If you have an on-site office, consider using video cameras in that area as well. CCTV video surveillance can provide protection against employee theft, particularly if the office takes in rent monies, but it can also help to keep your staff safe from abuse and criminal violence.

    Choosing the Right CCTV Video Surveillance System for Your Multifamily Building

    It can be a challenge to know exactly what kind of system to install and how to set it up for maximum effectiveness. That’s where security professionals like the team at Mobile Video Guard can help.

    Our expertise in designing security systems for short-term use on construction sites and in trade shows and other exhibits makes us a good choice for designing a system that works for your individual needs. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to your apartment complex or condominium building.

    If you have a multifamily building in the Maryland, Virginia or DC area, Mobile Video Guard can provide a quality security solution, including the installation of video surveillance.

    We don’t require long-term contracts or hassles — only what you need when you need it. 

    Contact us today to learn more about our pricing and services.


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