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Are You Facing Theft in Home Construction Sites?

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    Taking a few steps to develop a theft-prevention plan could save you significant expense and hassle


    are you facing theft in home construction sites

    Construction site theft is a substantial problem throughout the country. It costs businesses up to $1 billion annually, and only 25% of all stolen equipment is ever recovered. In addition to the immediate loss of equipment and materials, theft can slow productivity, hamper deadlines, increase insurance costs, and impede profitability, so the issue is massive for firms of all sizes. 

    This theft can come from external or internal sources, so company owners must be diligent when creating an anti-crime plan. Unfortunately, the fact that construction sites aren’t permanent locations can make securing them challenging because you won’t want to install permanent security fixtures. 

    Luckily, there are practical steps you can take to secure your home construction sites against theft. Here’s how:

    Put up signs

    Installing signs around the perimeter of your construction sites can act as a deterrent for thieves. These signs can inform potential trespassers about the presence of security cameras or guards, encouraging them to stay away from your equipment because someone is watching or recording them. 

    You could also post signs offering a reward for information on theft at your new construction sites. This reward shows thieves that you’re serious about curbing crime, which could be enough to scare some individuals away empty-handed.

    Invest in lighting

    Bright lights can stop thieves from entering your construction sites at night because criminals love operating under the cover of darkness. It’s possible to install temporary lighting towers with ultra-bright LED lights around your worksites, which should do an excellent job of illuminating the entire area. Focus on lighting sections of the site containing expensive equipment for the best results. 

    Motion sensors are an excellent addition to any lighting solution. These sensors will turn the bright lights on whenever anyone enters the property at night, which could be enough to chase thieves away before they can take anything of value.

    Install barriers

    One critical security method some business owners overlook is installing barriers around their construction sites. After all, temporary fences are a pain to deal with and don’t necessarily offer outstanding protection anyway. 

    While it’s true that a motivated thief can climb over these temporary barriers, fences do make entering your construction site more challenging. And that inconvenience could be enough to deter some criminals. 

    These barriers also make it more difficult for thieves to remove expensive equipment from the site. After all, they’d have to completely move a fence to get away with a large piece of equipment, which is reason enough to try these barriers.

    Control site access

    The more people you have on your construction site, the more likely it is that things will go missing. And the problem becomes worse if you don’t keep track of exactly who is wandering around your site, which is why controlling access is so important.

    Controlling site access starts by limiting the number of entrances. Depending on the project size, you might need only one or two entrances, making it easier to keep tabs on everyone who comes and goes. You could also consider having every employee and visitor sign in and sign out. This simple method makes it easier to figure out who was in the area when a tool or piece of equipment went missing, potentially cutting down on internal theft. 

    Geo-fencing is another high-tech option you might look into. This technology uses GPS data to track employee behaviors using their mobile phones. That way, you’ll know if a worker was at the site after hours or visiting an area of the project where they had no business being.

    Keep records of your equipment

    Inventory records make it easier to figure out when equipment goes missing. You should know which tools and machinery you have on-site at all times and have photographs and serial numbers filed away in case you need them. 

    Keeping these records can also streamline the insurance process because you can send this documentation to your coverage provider for a more rapid response. Insurance companies can offer faster payouts when you have all the paperwork in order when you file a claim.

    Lock up your tools

    It should go without saying, but you never want to leave tools lying around on a construction site. These tools will likely go missing if you don’t secure them, and employees should be aware of tool-storage protocols they must follow before leaving for the evening.

    Bringing a temporary job site box to every new construction project requires effort and expense. Still, it will significantly reduce the losses you experience by eliminating any excuses employees might have for not securing their tools. Getting into a high-end job site box is next to impossible for a thief.

    Opt for monitored video security

    The most complete theft-prevention solution on the market is monitored video surveillance. It’s possible to install temporary cameras in strategic locations throughout your construction site and have them watched by off-site security personnel.

    Monitored video security keeps your worksite safe from internal and external thieves because the feed is always available. Even if you don’t catch someone in the act, these cameras provide significant value as a deterrent and are sure to reduce theft at your construction sites.

    Getting the mobile cameras you need

    Are you facing theft at your home construction sites? If so, investing in some of these security solutions is the best way to protect your company long-term. The result will be fewer losses and a more profitable business moving forward.

    Mobile Video Guard offers video surveillance resolutions for construction companies and other businesses. We can set you up with a custom security camera solution, deterring theft and providing evidence if a crime does occur. Contact Mobile Video Guard today to get a quote


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