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Are Security Systems in Impound Lots Necessary?

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    Have you seen the movie The Usual Suspects? If you remember the criminal mastermind, Verbal Kint, you know how smart criminals can be. Even with high walls and a guard, some thieves might still find a way into your impound lot and steal from your business.

    You have to know that real-life criminals are getting smarter. Even criminals who commit petty crimes like robbery can get away if they’re careful enough.

    If you own an impound lot, you need a better video security system.

    There is also a chance that your impound lot contains cars that serve as evidence in criminal cases, as it so happens in this case in Miami.

    Still a little uncertain? Don’t fret, we’ve got your back. Check out our list below to help you understand why a good security system is necessary even for an impound lot business:

    1. Video Protection Deters Robbery and Other Crimes

    Most robbers take notes of the places they plan to steal from before they perform the robbery. Impound lots hold many valuable cars or parts that robbers could take for big, easy payoffs. Even car owners might think of getting their vehicles back thru illegal ways.

    This is why you need excellent security systems for an impound lot. This security system may come in the form of video protection such as CCTV cameras. Thermal cameras are also an option for much larger spaces.

    The existence of CCTV cameras has a psychological impact on criminals. The presence of the security system prevents them from acting on criminal activities. They know the cameras could record their figures, facial features, and body movement.

    Even if they covered their faces, criminologists have ways to track them down. The recovery rate of stolen vehicles depends on what state you’re in but it’s often pretty high. Also, police keep records of most impounded vehicles which makes it easier to track stolen ones down.

    Robbery isn’t the only thing surveillance cameras deter but also theft. Unethical employees may find opportunities to take car parts to trade in the black market. Drug exchanges are also possible crimes that could take place in impound lots.

    Don’t simply invest in video surveillance for the impound lot. There are CCTV systems with microphones for audio recording. Depending on the type of CCTV, you can get an audio recording in different ways. It’s a more secure way of watching over your impound business.

    2. Helps Alert Emergency Response Teams in an Instant

    If you want, you can also get a camera surveillance system with a monitoring system. You can connect your CCTV system to a monitoring station. This combination makes a monitored alarm which you can program for self-monitoring.

    This system works like a fire or an anti-burglar alarm. It needs to detect something in the CCTV before it sends triggers to the monitoring station. The signal that alerts the threat detection goes to a monitoring company or station.

    The message or signal may travel via a telephone line or wireless technology. The monitoring station then alerts you of the problem. You have a time limit to check and confirm if it’s an emergency or a false alarm.

    If you confirmed that it’s an emergency, the monitoring service will take actions to call the necessary emergency response services. If you didn’t give a response within the time limit, the monitoring company will still call for emergency response teams. If you confirmed that it was a false alarm, they take note of the events that led to the trigger.

    You could also opt for a self-monitored alarm as well. This is where you take the monitoring company out of the equation. For this choice, you need to be able to check your phone often for messages.

    There are also some new smart security surveillance systems in the making now. These systems often have Artificial Intelligence (AI) programmed into them. These surveillance systems are not perfect yet but we are getting there.

    3. Holds Information as Video Evidence

    There will be times when an impound lot gets broken into. When you go to the police, they may ask for video evidence. When it comes to providing evidence, turn to your CCTV records.

    Often, it’s what you need to make or break a case. Although, in court, eyewitness testimony is heaver compared to video evidence. That doesn’t mean eyewitnesses don’t make mistakes.

    Security guards have a disadvantage against the CCTV systems. One of the advantages of CCTV over security personnel is that it records evidence. By that, we mean CCTV records may count as direct evidence.

    Give your impound lot protection against lawsuits. This is yet another reason to get a security system. Car owners may find damages in their cars and blame you for it.

    One way to protect your impound business is to make sure to put CCTV in areas where impounded cars come through. You can use the video as evidence that you did not damage the impounded vehicle. This applies to charges of assault and harassment as well.

    With your video evidence, you protect your business from a lawsuit on property damage. You take the blame off your impounding company. This is helpful if you own the impound lot but not the towing company.

    Remember, if an impounded car gets damaged or stolen in your impound lot, you are still liable. You may find yourself sued for breach of contract or negligence. Take up the right security measures to avoid this kind of situation.

    4. Save Money on Insurance

    When they buy cars, car owners look to get impound insurances for their cars. Have you thought about getting business insurance your car impound business?

    Here’s a tip: get your security system set up first.

    In 2015, there’s an estimate of over 1.5 million burglaries. Although it’s a decrease from the 2014 data, it’s still a significant number. It’s smart to get burglary and theft insurance for an impound business.

    The benefit is like having a security system for your home. Insurance companies can give you discounts on your insurance if you have a security system in place. You could lower your insurance by up to 20% with a security system.

    There are reasons why insurance companies give secured businesses discounts. One reason is that businesses with security systems aren’t likely targeted by criminals. In the long run, the insurance company spends less to cover the losses of a secured business.

    5. Maintains A Professional Appearance

    Other than added protection, your impounding business will feel more reliable to customers. When clients know that you have mobile security surveillance, they feel more assured. With an excellent security system, you gain your customers’ trust.

    This peace of mind extends to your employees as well. They are more committed knowing you are willing to protect them. They become more productive when they are comfortable in the workplace.

    Any hired security personnel will know they are safe at work too. This is most beneficial to those working during odd hours or late shifts. Also, a security system puts them in a CCTV room where they are secure.

    This is also effective for video surveillance systems that are not self-monitored. When your security personnel on CCTV duty see anything amiss, they can call for aid at the press of a button. The best thing about this is that burglars won’t know that police are on their way until they arrive on-site.

    6. Other Reasons to Get a Security System

    If you choose to use thermal radars or thermal cameras, you can save up some more. They are affordable and use little power and limited bandwidth. Solar panels or generators alone can power this type of security system.

    Other than that, thermal imaging could record the whole 360 degrees around the device. They record heat signatures people and/or animals emit. When they sense the heat given off by an engine, they could inform you right away.

    A security system could work the full 24 hours in a day for the whole 7 days in the week. You worry less about managing personnel and get to save your business money. You could even do the monitoring yourself with remote-monitored surveillance.

    Speaking of remote-monitored surveillance, it’s great for when you need a break. On vacations or out-of-town trips, you could check on your business. Security systems give you comfort even when you’re away from the impound lot.

    Secure Your Impound Business Now

    With security systems, your impounding business is less likely a target of criminals. It’s always smart to invest in security for your business, whatever it is. Better to take safety precautions than to pay damages already done.

    Most video surveillance systems aren’t perfect yet. They don’t eradicate crimes as a whole. Still, they are effective in preventing the occurrence of crimes.

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