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CCTV vs Security Guards: Which One Is Better for Your Business?

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    Is your business safe from intruders and burglars? If you stopped for a thought right there, then the correct answer is no.

    Burglary and property theft shot up from 110.7 victimizations per 1000 households in 2015 to 118.6 in 2016 in the US. That’s an 8% increase in a year!

    This is the reason the timeless question of CCTV vs. security guards has become a more significant debate in security circles. Both of these security options offer both protection and act as crime deterrents. However, which one is better? Do you think hiring security guards is the answer? Or do you feel that cameras are enough to prevent criminals?

    We’ll let you in on a secret: it’s more one-sided than you think it is.

    Advantages of CCTV

    CCTV surveillance systems are convenient technological options for security. The cheapest version of a CCTV can provide video logs of daily activities within your business. The mere sight of a surveillance camera is enough to make burglars think twice.

    The most sophisticated CCTV systems can have remote monitoring, audio warnings and motion detection. This reduces the number of false alarms. It can also reduce the amount of time needed for people to stay in front of the monitor.

    Closed circuit surveillance benefits include:

    • Surveillance on choke points around the business
    • Integrated audio for recording and warning off potential intruders
    • Lower levels of required maintenance, higher uptime
    • 24-7 coverage
    • Lower long-term costs
    • Zero doubt about hired security guards’ credentials

    Compared to a security hire, a security camera system costs only a small amount of a security team’s payroll. The initial installation can be costly, but it tapers off after the first year.

    cctv cameras vs security guards

    Know Your CCTV Options!

    Before diving into the disadvantages of CCTV systems, it’s important to note that there are different kinds of CCTVs available. Make sure you get the right one before spending cash!

    The most common ones record low-resolution videos in black and white. They also rely on motion detection, meaning they won’t start recording until someone moves in front of its sensor. These features all come together to ensure you don’t waste precious memory card space on video footage with nothing happening.

    More complex systems include night vision, full HD video quality, and cloud saves in real-time. These are more expensive, however, but they may get the job done for special security needs.

    Disadvantages of CCTV

    For all the good things closed circuit security does, CCTV has some limitations. These limitations can make or break the value of this technology for your commercial business.

    It’s a pain having to take care of these issues. That’s due to the need for extra spending on your part. There’s a way to resolve these.

    cctv disadvantages

    Quality Security Equipment

    The primary weakness of any CCTV surveillance is low range and lousy quality. If you are opting for a low-cost option, you may only surveil a small door or an aisle at 480p. Sometimes, this may not be enough to cover a quick incident.

    You’ll rarely find a CCTV by itself. A system covers the weakness of one camera through various angles. Even then, a professional installer needs to do such tedious calculations.

    The problem is there’s bound to be a blind spot somewhere. This can become a crucial error to your security if left unchecked.

    The solution to this is to get a mobile surveillance firm. Find someone that can provide top quality equipment. Don’t hire fly-by-night security firms that crimp on the value for extra profit.

    Crime Deterrence Issues

    A CCTV by itself is not enough to prevent burglars and violent people from intrusion. If there is a lack of security personnel within an eyeshot, theft can happen in a quick notice.

    This is why live monitoring is important in video security companies. Having someone making sure your back is under a competent person’s watchful eyes can give you peace of mind.

    Deterring Inside Jobs

    The primary weakness of a closed circuit camera in businesses is inside job. In events where an internal person sabotages security, that’s a problem. They will know more than enough to get around the cameras.

    Even somebody untrained in IT can penetrate security systems. An inside man will know the loopholes of a surveillance system given enough time.

    Having a mobile security firm perform offsite surveillance can prevent any internal conflict.

    Hiring Security Guard

    Contrary to public perception, hired security guards must undergo training and are competent. Security personnel is often made up of people with law enforcement experience.

    At an entry-level, security firms need a security officer to go through training. This is to help with competency.

    Private security firms in some cases need their people to have a degree in security and safety.

    Studies show that security officers can deter crime, most especially in crowded areas. What does a security guard do that makes them useful? Here’s the thing.

    This is, however, a controlled study. In real life, there are variables that change as the level of risk goes up.

    The "Human Factor" in a Security Hire

    As we discussed, some businesses take preference of security guards over high tech solutions. This is for the mere human presence they provide in the establishment.

    Within this scope in real life, any security system would want to assert its presence. That is to alert criminal elements that the locale will be hard to penetrate. Security cameras may show such an initial effect, but this does not last.

    A fit security officer can rouse doubts in anyone. If you plan a break-in, you can expect a strong reaction.

    A more high tech mobile security system works as well.

    The problem with this is it also invades in the privacy of the business. Security personnel are one of the first people to create rumors and gossip due to the nature of their work.

    Onsite Resolution and Handling

    One of the mentioned problems with surveillance systems is their inability to address crime within its immediate vicinity. This disadvantage is present when it comes to human security.

    What does a security guard do in these situations? The first thing they do is de-escalate the situation.

    For small crimes such as petty theft and vandals, they can isolate and apprehend.

    They can then call management and decide what to do with the offenders. This comes either as a warning or outright ban from the vicinity.

    Anything more significant than small crimes, they can call law enforcement. During that time, security officers can call for an evacuation.

    Mobile surveillance can do the same. Modern surveillance cameras have loudspeakers that can “talk down” suspects on site. This can even be more intimidating to suspects without the use of force.

    You can’t shoot what you can’t see.

    Hired Security Guards are Unpredictable

    A security hire is unpredictable, which is a bad way to deal with potential crime in your vicinity.

    Contrary to their portrayal in movies, hired security guards don’t have a consistent patrol schedule.

    Many businesses encourage a guard to either stay put. They tend to perform random patrols at different intervals as needed. This gives a high degree of difficulty for burglars to infiltrate.

    While this can help, security can do the same without the sky-high costs. Hiring security guards for patrol means having at least two in the vicinity.

    If you are a 24/7 facility, that’s 2 to 3 shifts of two people on the payroll. They are not contributing to your bottom line.

    Disadvantages of Security Guards

    There are several disadvantages to a hiring security guard, two of which stand out.

    The first disadvantage to hired security guards is a false peace. They provide a false sense of security to people within the vicinity.

    More often than not, security hire becomes a crutch for law and order within the business.

    If a nefarious event happens under the security team, confidence in the security officer lowers. The more times security fail, the more confidence malicious elements gain.

    The second disadvantage of hired security personnel is cost. This does not pertain to the payroll, which can get big as it is.

    If you have security guards, you would need to make sure there’s insurance coverage.

    Any negligence claims in escalated situations lead to lawsuits. Issues like wrongful detention, assault and battery lawsuits are common in practice.

    This is trouble. For businesses without enough cash flow for liabilities, more so.

    Traditional Security Guards

    Why Mobile Surveillance is Right For You

    Security guards can be major deterrents to crime. Surveillance is a better option.

    In a perfect system, you would want both. Get a surveillance system. Combine it with human security personnel to cover all your bases.

    This is not possible in some situations.

    If it ever comes to it, you would want to get mobile surveillance security. This is the best way to cover your large commercial establishment.

    Mobile Video Guard offers competent remote security and surveillance of your vicinity. Do your job in peace with our eyes taking care of your facilities.

    From sun up to sun down, even 24/7, Mobile Video Guard can give you the protection you need.

    Talk to us at Mobile Video Guard. We are your invisible guardian protecting your business from any harm. Get a quote and see what superior security feels like.


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