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An 8-Step Construction Security Checklist to Protect Your Worksite

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    8-step construction security checklist to protect your worksite

    Thieves often steal from construction sites because they’re relatively easy targets. After all, these locations are mostly empty after hours, and contractors often leave valuable tools, equipment, and materials on-site, creating an inviting environment for criminals.

    According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, about 1,000 pieces of commercial construction equipment are reported stolen every month in the United States. That number doesn’t include small tools or countless other thefts that go unreported every week.

    Construction companies of all sizes must take steps to guard these valuables because losses can quickly add up. Here’s an 8-step construction security checklist to protect your worksite from theft and vandalism.

    1) Guard the perimeter

    Putting up a barrier around the perimeter of your worksite can prevent thieves from entering after everyone leaves in the evening. It also acts as a deterrent because removing goods from the site becomes far more challenging.

    Installing a fence is the simplest way to provide this protection for your jobsite. You’ll want to inspect this fence regularly for weak spots or indications of tampering and put up “No Trespassing” signs around the perimeter to make it clear that your construction site is off-limits.

    2) Limit your entrances

    Ideally, your construction site will only have a couple of entrances. The fewer entrances you have, the easier it becomes to secure the property and keep tabs on everyone who enters the site. 

    You might block all the entrances you don’t need at a given time with fences or other barriers to limit where access to the location. Having fewer entrances can also help you streamline your surveillance plan because you’ll have fewer locations to monitor.

    3) Invest in lighting

    Well-lit construction sites are less appealing to thieves and vandals because they increase their chances of being caught. As a result, installing high-quality lighting around your worksite acts as a deterrent that can also protect your employees from accidents if they’re attempting to finish up work in the evening.

    You can equip your lights with motion sensors to reduce energy costs. Having lights that suddenly turn on can also startle trespassers and convince them to move on to an easier target before stealing anything from your business.

    4) Enforce security protocols

    No matter what, your construction company should have strict security protocols, including keeping logbooks of everyone who enters and exits the premises, having a supervisor on-site at all times during work hours, and keeping all gates locked when the site isn’t in use.

    Other security protocols you might consider:

    • Installing padlocked tool sheds 
    • Locking up all heavy equipment at night
    • Checking fences and lighting regularly

    Make sure that every employee is up to date with your security protocols and understands that following these rules is mandatory with no exceptions. 

    5) Identify possibilities for internal theft

    No one wants to believe that their employees would steal from them, but internal theft costs American businesses $50 billion annually, so keeping an eye on your workers is unfortunately essential. The first step is to carefully vet every hire, especially checking for criminal histories. You’ll also want to watch new hires closely and make sure trusted employees are on-site whenever the site is active. Keeping a tool and equipment log can also help monitor employees to ensure they return every item at the end of the day.

    6) Secure valuable equipment

    There’s little money in stealing hammers and other small tools, so thieves will look for large, expensive equipment if they breach your worksite. They will commonly break into a jobsite and load expensive items like forklifts, generators, compressors, and backhoes onto a trailer in the middle of the night. This equipment has significant resale value, and if it isn’t secured, the job is relatively easy for a seasoned criminal. That’s why your security plan should involve protocols for securing your most valuable equipment, especially anything that thieves could possibly get away with in a hurry.

    7) Keep inventory

    Maintaining an inventory of all your tools, equipment, and materials is vital. Your inventory records should include information on who has the equipment and/or keys, as well as notes on when and where materials are delivered to the site. 

    Consider having a trusted supervisor handle jobs like trash removal because employees will sometimes sneak valuable items into the garbage before recovering them later. Keeping inventory ensures you know who last used the equipment or materials, minimizing the chances of theft.

    8) Install security cameras

    Perhaps the best thing you can do to protect your construction site is to install security cameras. These cameras make monitoring entrances, buildings, tools, equipment, employees, visitors, and trespassers easier, as there’s no escaping their view when strategically installed.

    It’s possible to invest in wireless construction site cameras, so you don’t have to hardwire them at your jobsite, streamlining the installation process. The result is more security for your jobsite – and less worry for you.

    Monitored video surveillance

    As a bonus, you can have a trained off-site security guard monitor your video feed and intervene during a breach at your worksite. Monitored video surveillance offers the utmost in construction site security and minimizes the chance of anyone entering the property and taking off with your tools, materials, or equipment.

    Mobile Video Guard can assist with your construction site security plan. We offer a complete range of cameras and monitoring services to keep your business as safe as possible. Contact Mobile Video Guard today for more information or to get a quote.


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