7 Tips for Avoiding Graffiti Tagging at Your Construction Site

The fact that graffiti tagging is illegal seems to have no impact on those who deface buildings at will. In fact, graffiti is a huge public cost to the United States with an estimated annual cost of $12 billion as a result of clean up costs, lost revenue and declines in property value.

If you run a construction company, you know firsthand how frustrating graffiti can be. Having to clean up your campsite after these criminals have been through adds to the cost of your projects and inevitably can lead to delayed timelines.

Read on to learn about the types of graffiti and how you can protect your construction site.

Types of Graffiti

Generally speaking, there are three main types of graffiti.

They are gang graffiti from gangs marking their territory, conventional or tagger graffiti which can take the form of street art or just be rebellious youth and ideological graffiti displaying political or racially motivated messages.

4 Ways to Protect Your Construction Site from Graffiti Tagging

Recognizing the type of graffiti that is turning up at your construction site will help you choose the best plan of action to prevent it from happening again.

1. Limit Access to Your Construction Site

This is a big deterrent for conventional and ideological graffiti taggers who are much less willing to risk getting caught by the police.

Make sure the fences around your construction sites are well made and that the gates are locked every night to prevent would-be taggers from sneaking in under the cover of night.

Additionally, prevent access to the roof or lamps by moving anything that people can scale away from the sides of the buildings.

2. Think Like a Graffiti Tagger

Especially for conventional and ideological graffiti taggers, they have a specific objective in mind. They want to find somewhere that is dark at night but will have a high level of visibility during the day.

Set up lighting and surveillance around any walls that fit this description. When the construction site is brightly lit, you have not only your onsite security personnel watching it but also passersby who will phone the police if they see something out of the ordinary,

tagging graffiti

Motion-sensitive lights are particularly effective in these situations. They are startling and bright enough to be a deterrent, but then also turn off when there is a lack of movement.

3. Set up a Neighborhood Watch

This is another way to deter would-be casual criminals and more effective if your construction site is in local neighborhoods as opposed to in the city centre.

If you’re working on an on-going project like a housing development, you can attend meetings and speak to people who live in the neighborhood about ways to keep the area safe and clean.

People who live in the area will appreciate that the developers care enough to go to these meetings so you’ll be building a relationship with the neighborhood at the same time.

4. Speak to Your Local Authorities

Have you seen signs of gang activity like gang symbols being spray painted on the inside or outside of your construction site? Then, it’s time to raise the issue with the authorities.

If the police are aware that some areas of the city are a potential location for gang violence, they’re more likely to keep a closer watch on the area.

Protect Your Construction Site From Vandalism

The best way to avoid graffiti tagging at your construction site is to be proactive about prevention from the start.

If word gets around that your premise is under surveillance than the majority of would-be vandals are unwilling to take the risk of getting caught.

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