The 5 Most Common Types of Theft at Construction Sites

Less than 25 percent of equipment stolen from a construction site is recovered. That’s a major concern for business owners.

The National Equipment Register estimates that somewhere between $300 million to $1 billion is stolen every year.

With the right preparation, you can keep your equipment safe. It’s important to know what are the five most common types of thefts at construction sites, so you can target your security and safety efforts.

1. Tools and Small Supplies

Small tools are easy to remove from a construction site. These are popular items for employee theft. Over time, one small tool at a time, like a wrench or a drill, adds up to a big loss.

It’s important to take inventory and lock up any items left at the site. Create a lock-up system in vehicles or store all tools in one central location.

2. Appliances

In residential neighborhoods, appliances are popular theft targets. It’s difficult to secure each appliance such as refrigerators, washers, water heaters, and ovens when multiple houses are going up at once.

3. Heavy Equipment

Heavy machinery theft isn’t as common because of the size of the equipment, but when they are stolen, it’s a big loss.

There were 2,445 thefts of John Deere equipment, making it the most targeted brand of heavy equipment.

4. Metals

Copper continues to be a popular target of thieves because the cost of copper has increased to around $4.00 per pound versus the $.80 a pound a couple of years ago.

Another theft trend is metal roofs, which is getting more popular in residential homes, churches, and schools.

5. Lumber

Lumber is also a target of employee theft. This is because these employees typically do other construction projects on the side, and employees can grab a few pieces here and there.

It’s important to keep track of your lumber. Employees who need additional lumber will wait until everyone leaves before making their move. It’s important to foster relationships with employees and take note of anyone staying late regularly for no reason.

How Can You Avoid Different Types of Theft

It’s important to be prepared to prevent theft. Losing equipment can hurt your business and your wallet. Here are some pointers to keep your site safe:

  • Install low key fuel shut off systems in the equipment
  • Remove circuit breakers and fuses from unused equipment
  • Put equipment in difficult to move areas
  • Place larger equipment around smaller ones
  • Keep accurate records of your all your equipment – big and small
  • Perform extensive background checks on employees

It’s impossible to completely avoid theft, but you need to make it harder for thieves to succeed. Perform regular checks at the end of the day by checking your perimeter access points, putting on alarms, surveillance systems, and doing a check of equipment.

This will tell employees that you are not an easy target.

Looking to Install Construction Site Security Surveillance?

If you have one camera at all of your sites, you can reduce various types of thefts.

Contact Mobile Video Guard today to find out which security surveillance systems are best for you and your equipment.

You can also fill out an online quote request to get started.

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