4 Tips for Mastering Utilities Infrastructure Security Solutions (and Why it’s Important)

Everyone in the developed world depends on a range of utilities in their everyday lives.

With new risks causing disruptions, security is now more critical than ever. Read on to find the security solutions that safeguard these essential assets.

Global Utility Infrastructure Today

For all governments, protecting the infrastructure of utilities is an increasing necessity. Today, global terrorism is on the rise. At the same time, more people depend on global utilities than ever before.

The US Energy Department recently invested 50 million dollars. They stated that this was to “improve the resilience and security of the nation’s critical energy infrastructure.”

Other departments are investing impressive sums in security solutions to safeguard critical infrastructure.

Tip #1: Invest in Real-Time Threat Detection

Security and surveillance go hand in hand. Today thanks to the internet, monitoring is more powerful than ever before. Online CCTV video surveillance can save thousands of working hours each year. It can also provide you with real-time threat detection.

Thanks to sophisticated algorithms, unmanned surveillance is today a reality. It saves both time and staff hours. It is especially useful in unmanned sites, such as substations and remote work sites.

Tip #2: Modernize Access Control and Intruder Detection Systems

The latest technology has made traditional access control systems obsolete. Legacy systems are vulnerable to external threats. Old systems are also costly and ineffective.

Advanced control and perimeter detection systems can now identify individual people. These systems can manage the flow of crowds during busy hours in a utility facility.

With face recognition and digital signature scanning, you can control access across facilities.

You can also upgrade these systems with biometric scans, advanced keys and turnstile doors for even more security.

Illegal entry is one of the biggest threats to any utility facility. Theft of hazardous materials, as well as potential damages, pose a significant risk. Intrusion detection works when perimeter detection fails. It provides a utility facility with immediate response solutions.

Tip #3: Focus on Constant Maintenance and Upgrading

In today’s digital world, maintenance should be a top priority. It ensures optimal performance.

You can pair security maintenance with equipment maintenance contracts. That way you can make sure the facility itself remains operational at all times.

A well-maintained facility won’t be easy to breach.

Tip #4: Partnering with a Security Solutions Expert

Finally, you should consider consulting with top security providers. The experts can help you assess the vulnerabilities and identify potential solutions.

Contact Mobile Video Guard today. You will find out how the leading video surveillance experts can help improve your security.

Mobile Video Guard provides clients with the latest in security technology for their remote utility infrastructure sites. They also have access to specialized personnel and the highest quality customer service in the industry.

They offer real-time updates, hazardous situation tracking, and a solution that will provide your site with higher levels of security at a fraction of the cost of hiring security guards.

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