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Pop-Up Shop Security: 3 Critical Features

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    Pop-up shop security was never a real conversation until fairly recently. Pop-up shops are the retail trend that’s been gaining momentum in recent years, starting in the early 2000s. From their fairly modest beginnings, pop up retail shops have grown to represent about $10 billion in sales revenue

    And the five big retail trends for 2020? Take a look and tell us those don’t sound like pop-up shop components. Pop-ups aren’t going anywhere.

    As retail pop-up stores have grown in popularity, protecting them has become a competitive area. Professional security companies have been challenged to grow to meet the unique challenges pop-ups face.

    However, we’re proud to say: for protecting pop-up shops in D.C. and surrounding areas, our solutions already make sense.

    3 Reasons Mobile Video Guard is the Must-Have Pop-Up Shop Security in Washington D.C.

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    Flexible Pop-Up Shop Security Technology

    Pop-up shops are transient – in one city one day, another the next. The challenges of a mobile retail space can make maintaining reliable security near impossible. That is, unless your security system is mobile, too.

    The flexibility provided by Mobile Video Guard’s remote monitored mobile video surveillance solution make it perfect for D.C. pop-up shop security. Our flexible technology encompasses location, installation, application, and duration.


    Mobile Video Guard’s mobile surveillance units work anywhere. Their compact, transportable design makes them easy to install in any location. And since our security professionals will deliver the units right to your location, you don’t even have to worry about transport.


    Unit setup is almost instant, so you won’t lose any time to installation or configuration. Just tell us where to be, and when, and we’ll handle the rest – quickly.


    Maybe you need real-time video feed from your phone. Or maybe after-hours monitoring is more important to you. In an understaffed pop-up shop, real-time crime deterrence during operational hours may be more important. Our mobile video solution is equipped to meet your pop-up’s needs.

    Pop-up sizes in D.C. can range from booth-sized to full-scale storefront. Mobile Video Guard can protect any size space. Each unit offers a 180-degree view – shop coordinators can choose to utilize as many units as necessary to get the surveillance coverage you need. Scalability has never been simpler.


    Mobile Video Guard eliminates lengthy, costly, contracts. This solution was designed specifically to meet short-term security needs. You pay a flat rate upfront for the length of time you need. That’s it.

    pop-up shop security

    Effective Pop-Up Shop Security Features

    What a D.C. area pop-up shop really needs is truly effective security. Pop-up shops often involve high-visibility social media campaigns, collaboration with big brands and celebrities, and experience an influx of excitable shoppers.

    This attracts a unique set of risk factors:

    • Social media attention
    • A sense of urgency
    • High-volume foot traffic
    • Celebrity presence
    • Cult-status brands
    • Limited space
    • High-value merchandise

    One can see how, given these risk factors, a pop-up shop could be a hotbed for theft, disorderly conduct, violence, and even simple crowd control issues. Mobile Video Guard helps with all of these and more.

    Prevent Pop-Up Shop Theft and Vandalism

    When you don’t have enough eyes on site, Mobile Video Guard can protect your pop-up during operational hours. Surveillance is a proven technique to deter crime and help keep shoppers honest. 

    Mobile Video Guard goes above and beyond with units that record your site and stop crime from happening. Each unit has crime-deterrent features including flashing lights and visible signage to deter shoppers from crime. 

    Secure Your D.C. Pop-Up Shop After-Hours

    During critical overnight hours, when a pop-up is most prone to break-ins, Mobile Video Guard’s remote monitoring specialists have eyes on your site in real-time.

    Our remote monitored video surveillance staff is experienced in retail surveillance and trained to spot and stop any suspicious activity. If a suspect is detected, our surveillance agents respond immediately to contact you and the local authorities.

    Plus, each unit is equipped with a speaker, allowing our surveillance technicians to address intruders. Most people, when verbally confronted, will not follow through with their intended theft or vandalism.

    Provide Clear Proof of Incidents

    Mobile pop-up shop video surveillance also delivers motion-sensor equipped video recording. This means your units are recording time-lapse footage of your pop-up location 24/7. This footage is stored and delivered to you.

    In the event of an accident or incident, you’ll be grateful for the proof you need in an insurance claim or legal case.

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    Enhanced Pop-Up Shop Security with Our Special Features

    As pop-up shops become more prominent, the expectations for pop-up friendly security solutions will grow. Mobile Video Guard is already exceeding the standard, with features that go far beyond the basics of standard remote-monitored video surveillance solutions.

    Improve Shop Performance with Video Footage

    Retail pop-ups are all about performing high sales volumes in a short amount of time. Pop-up owners are looking for every way possible to maximize their ROI. Mobile Video Guard can help.

    The footage you receive from your pop-up surveillance can be used by your business strategy and marketing professionals. Observing your footage can provide valuable data for improving your pop-up, like customer traffic patterns, sales trends, and busy and slow times.

    Pop-Up with Peace of Mind with Mobile App Access

    Something else you won’t get with traditional video surveillance or guard services: personal access to your video footage in the palm of your hand.

    The Mobile Video Guard pop-up security solution integrates with a mobile application for your phone or tablet. This delivers a peace of mind that’s only possible when you have direct day and night access to your pop-up’s security feed.

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    Mobile Video Guard: The Best Choice for D.C. Pop-Up Security 

    Mobile Video Guard is led and staffed by experts who have been delivering above-standard security services in the D.C. area for decades. Our surveillance specialists are highly trained, and our technicians are fast, efficient, and professional. 

    You can trust Mobile Video Guard for affordable, flexible, and effective services for short-term retail pop-ups and other special events. With the right combination of high-tech security features and courteous service, our professional security services will meet your security challenges and exceed your expectations.

    If you’re planning a pop-up shop or other pop-up experience here in D.C., please give us a call. Dial 844.724.2183 or use our online form to get a fast, free quote today.


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