Why Remote Video Security is a Worthwhile Investment

With workplace crime costing companies $50 billion a year in the US, the need for increased security is essential. Because these crimes are committed just as often by employees as they are by your clients, it’s important to be able to keep an eye on things at all times.

Remote security systems allow you to stay connected and respond even when you’re away from the worksite.

On construction sites and development projects, expensive materials are often left overnight with only minimal protection. If something were to happen while you’re at home or asleep, you might not be able to respond. With a remote security system, you could be alerted to security breaches and contacted at any hour.

If safety and security are a concern, a remote security solution can cover you from both sides. Here are 4 reasons why it’s a worthwhile investment.

1. You Can Resolve Conflicts

Disputes between different parties as to materials or maintenance can be difficult to manage. Without anyone to see who was responsible for delivering or using certain materials or damaging equipment, you could see tensions arise.

Rather than leaving it up to suspicions, a remote system with recording capabilities could play back the tape from recent evenings. You can see what happened and resolve things quickly.

2. Reduce Theft

Surveillance cameras and motion detection for sensitive areas will allow you to cut back on lost supplies or equipment. If someone enters a restricted area, you can get alerted and contact security on site.

If things go missing, you can play back a recording to see what might have happened. You’ll save money and keep from any trespassers getting injured on site.remote security

3. You Get High Quality

Surveillance systems in this era are far more complicated and comprehensive than in previous areas. They offer video analytics technology which can track people as they move through a site. Having this stored on a remote site means that you won’t have to worry about someone tampering with your evidence either.

4. Improved Safety

When workers are on a site, accidents happen. When insurance companies come to take evidence, it becomes a game of “he said, she said.” Rather than relying on unreliable testimony, offer a video of what happened.

You might also see your insurance bills drop with a remote system in place. By taking the initiative, insurance companies will respond by offering you lower rates.

Remote Security Means Savings

Whether it’s the money you save in insurance, fewer lawsuits, or keeping your equipment safe, remote solutions to your security are a good investment. By setting up a strong defense, you’ll be prepared for anything that hits your site, outside of an act of God.

If you’re interested in what kinds of security equipment are available for a remote system, contact us for the latest trends in remote solutions.

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