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Why a Video Surveillance System is Necessary

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    5 Reasons Video Surveillance Systems are Beneficial to Business

    Did you know that retail businesses lose about $44 billion from their inventory?

    It happens due to a lot of untoward circumstances. Out of these, shoplifting accounts for about 38% of the entire loss.

    If you want what’s good for your business, you need to invest in a video surveillance system. Video surveillance offers numerous advantages regardless of whether you’re a small business or a large chain of retail stores, which we’ll shutter through below.

    Don’t know how proper surveillance can prevent theft and other illegal activities? Uncertain if it beats other security measures?

    We’ve got you covered. Discover the benefits of a video surveillance system below:

    1. Reduce Loss, Vandalism, and Theft

    Having the means of seeing a situation no matter what time of the day is essential. And it is probably the most obvious advantage to your business. 

    It’s especially important to consider it over an analog system. After all, digital video surveillance systems will capture and store a lot more videos with better video feed quality.

    Most digital surveillance systems enjoy more clarity. It’s possible with its high-definition quality and wider viewing angles. 

    The clearer images will enable you to press charges based on facial recognition with clarity. It’s effective against the people you catch stealing goods or vandalizing your business property. 

    That’s due to the seamless images which you can hand over to authorities with ease.

    Video surveillance systems will help strengthen your case once you start prosecuting the suspects. With that, future criminals become deterred to do illegal activities. 

    This is due to the system having the means to capture a face then pause it in place.

    The improvements in video resolution and coverage angles can truly help save your company much-needed money. 

    The greater coverage means you won’t have to buy a lot of cameras for your business premises.

    Employee Theft Prevention

    It’s not easy to imagine your own employees stealing from your business. 

    But it’s more common than you think.  After all, a study done by the United States Department of Commerce showed that around 1 in 4 employees steal– yikes.

    The only guaranteed way to catch them in the act is to use surveillance cameras. 

    When your employees know they’re under a watchful eye, they will think twice. More often than not, they won’t find the risk worth the rewards.

    2.  Easier Installation With Reduced Insurance Costs

    Compared to analog surveillance systems, digital ones need less equipment for installation. This gives a greater degree of effectiveness for your security team. It’s easier to use, making it less of a bothersome task.

    Do you need an easy way to save on business insurance? Try using modern surveillance systems. 

    A lot of insurance companies will throw in some extra discounts on their insurance policies when you’ve got video surveillance systems set up.

    It is important to install this system to avoid getting more expensive premiums for your insurance.

    Investing in a dependable indoor and outdoor video system will reassure your provider. They will see your efforts in taking precautions to protect your property- and appreciate you for that!

    Let your insurance company know that they’ll have an easier time working with your company. 

    For them, your business becomes less of a liability, and for you, your business gains more stability. 

    3. Improved Storage and Accessibility

    If you’re a business that still depends on analog systems, your probably familiar with the fact that tape recorders are still in use. 

    Using recorders for video footage means it has less space to record. The degree of accessibility decreases since tape recording systems are now obsolete.

    With digital systems, a digital video recorder will store all your camera footage. This will have enough storage space for your security team to work with. This means more footage over longer periods of time. 

    Some systems even allow you to store the footage on a secure cloud server system.

    These systems can give you and your security teams a secure means of logging into the action- from anywhere. 

    You no longer need to stay trapped in offices while tracking security footage- yup, that’s obsolete too.

    Ahh the luxury and flexibility that comes with ease of access.

    Feel free to log in using any device and view your security footage from the palm of your hand. 

    It doesn’t matter whether you need to look into a remote location or when you’re out traveling from your place of business. 

    With cloud technology login, you can view different digital feeds no matter where you are.

    4. Use Remote Monitoring for Workflow

    Digital surveillance systems have remote monitoring capabilities, but most people overlook it. 

    Yet It should become an important part of your business security process due to its worldwide coverage.

    That means you can look into surveillance feeds as long as you’re connected to a stable internet connection. It doesn’t matter what device you’re using–mobile devices, tablets, and laptops are all eligible. 

    You can view streams of security footage in real-time or view the archived files in storage if you need a playback of yesterday’s action.

    Employee tracking using a surveillance system isn’t limited to recording theft alone. Using the right equipment will let you know what your employees do. 

    This will ensure that they spend the majority of their time working and boost your company’s efficiency.

    You benefit the most if you’re a retail store. After all, knowing what your employees do is a necessary step in checking whether you’re over- or understaffed. 

    Know how your company operates in under two minutes of footage.

    5. Cost Reduction with Easier Scalability

    Compared to an analog system, a digital video surveillance system is more cost-effective. The main reason behind it is the fact that it needs less physical structure for its operation. 

    After all, it doesn’t need as many wires and all that bulky equipment.

    With wider viewing angles, you don’t need a lot of cameras to cover the same amount of space. Plus you get the benefit of high-quality footage. 

    The video files coming from these surveillance cameras are compressible, thus taking up less space in storage systems or even unlimited space in the cloud.

    Most modern video cameras will have Power-Over-Ethernet technology combined with CAT-5 wiring. This means both power and video transmission will use one cable. 

    This is a huge improvement over the coaxial and power cables used by analog systems.

    With digital cameras, you don’t need a lot of cable for each camera you install. You can run CAT-5 cables to a POE switch nearby. 

    That eliminates the need for you to run the cables back to your preferred storage device.

    Meaning these cameras are effective and convenient 

    Scalability Benefits

    Your digital system can grow.  It can cover your desired coverage area and all without making too huge of a jump into the future.

    Add digital cameras on an as-needed basis. You’ll find that these cameras are easy to set up and connect right to your surveillance network.

    Bonus: Save Time With Distributed Intelligence

    Even with the sharp eyes given by digital surveillance systems, there isn’t anyone with enough time to watch every hour of footage. 

    But the best part about the technology is that newer systems fill this security gap with distributed intelligence. 

    Software programs have the means of looking into video feeds to pick specific events, activities, and behaviors using movement pattern recognition.

    When certain motion is detected, the system will make alerts and send it to your security team. This type of response isn’t matched by any type of analog system. 

    The advancements and convenience these systems offer give the security camera market the potential to surpass its $9.7 billion mark within the next four years.

    How to Make an Effective Video Surveillance System

    There are a lot of ways for you to have an effective video security system. Inefficient systems will not help you much in gaining the above-mentioned benefits. 

    Let’s expose the white balance behind keeping  your business safe:

    1. Proper Camera Placements

    The most important aspect of any surveillance system is the placement of your cameras.

    To make the most out of its effectiveness, you need to install cameras in locations that cover wider areas. 

    You need to ensure that the cameras don’t overlap each other too.

    The technician installing your camera should know what is and what is not in the view of the device.

    You need to give them a clear definition of whether you want a close-up of an important part of your business. 

    For example, you might need to place cameras strategically at multiple angles if you’re aiming for a close view of the cash register.

    2. Proper Camera Types

    Any good surveillance systems will use fixed cameras as their primary device.

    Why? Because they are cheaper than PTZ cameras in most cases. The latter can only cover the same amount of area if someone’s there to operate it in real-time.

    You need to ask yourself what your business needs before making the right camera type choice. 

    PTZ cameras are great if you’re trying to track suspicious movements. You can also use them for checking how transactions happen while on the lookout for both customer and employee safety!

    Get Great Video Surveillance Systems Today!

    As a business, you need to do your best to secure your premises. Staying aware can ward off suspicious people and activities and give you some peace of mind. 

    It is important to ensure that your place is a safe space for both employees and customers.

    For that to happen, you need to have a good surveillance system in place.

    Do you need more help on mounting your outdoor video surveillance system cameras?

    If so, you can try out this post listing benefits of mobile security surveillance. And feel free to Call Mobile Video Guard for any of your surveillance needs- Let’s envision a smart safety- together!


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