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3 Reasons to Invest in a Junkyard WDR Camera

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    3 Reasons to Invest in a WDR Camera for Your Junkyard

    On the look out for a new means of maintaining security for your junkyard?

    Maybe you should consider professional security services such as a WDR camera installation.

    WTH (what the heck) is a WDR camera?

    We are going to explain what a Wide Dynamic Range Camera is and why it’s quite fitting for an area rich with various materials and reflective surfaces.

    Technology is advancing and a WDR camera is simply more useful than traditional CCTV cameras plus they are less costly in the long run.

    Sounds like a win-win.

    Not sure about getting a WDR camera for your junkyard?

    Evision these three reasons why you should:

    1. Wide Exposure Ranges

    What is WDR?

    WDR stands for Wide Dynamic Range.

    The amazing WDR camera is specially equipped with sensors and light balancing systems that offer a broader range of exposure for capturing images.

    In comparison, a regular camera is only capable of capturing images at a certain amount of light for exposure.

    To help understand the definition a little further, a dynamic range camera enhances the difference of lighting in an image or video recorded.

    Without this, certain portions of the image will get extremely dark while another part of the image gets too bright, concealing important details like facial features.

    A wide dynamic range camera has a special software that allows the lighting to remain balanced.

    This results in a clear image for overexposed (too much light) or underexposed (not enough light) portions.

    It can be difficult to see everything under the bright sun’s reflection off metal parts and pieces lying across your yard.

    These cameras ensure that you don’t miss a beat. It is pretty much like super vision.

    With a WDR camera you can identify people in detail, and catch images despite the glittering sun and shadows.


    2. Balanced Lighting for Better Images

    Ensuring that your junkyard is well secured is very important.

    With a camera that can capture clear images in various lighting conditions you are pretty much set up for protection success.

    Compared to a regular camera, a WDR camera has methods in balancing the light exposure.

    WDR cameras can achieve this with two different amazing features which depend upon the camera’s system.

    The first is through the use of tone mapping.

    With this, the system allows the camera to adjust the light and dark points. This means that the tone of this image is being mapped out in real-time- dark areas in the image brighten while light areas darken.

    The second method in use by a WDR camera is its ability to capture multiple shots of an area in different exposure levels.

    After capturing multiple shots, the camera combines the images and takes the most balanced parts of both the underexposed and overexposed images.

    This method requires a sensor that is extremely fast and light sensitive, something found in advanced professional cameras- and now it is available to you!

    3. Cover Light and Dark Spots with Better Visibility

    If we haven’t already convinced you, when it comes to security cameras, especially for use in junkyards, WDR cameras are the way to go.

    You just can’t compare them to conventional cameras because the quality is so much more vivid.

    With the ability to balance and adjust the light exposure on an image, the “blind” spots begin to disappear.

    Backlit areas are easier to perceive, and the dark areas have clearer images compared to a simple black spot.

    When you have something akin to headlights coming into view, it produces not only an overexposed area but also noise in the recording.

    You’ll have eyes and ears that the darkness nor glimmer of the sun can affair.

    With a WDR camera, you get relief.


    Get a WDR Camera Today

    Security cameras are the perfect tool for watching over areas and ensuring that all your assets are safe and accounted for.

    It is best to have increased visibility and to prevent blind spots, a WDR camera can cover these with equalized lighting exposure to provide a clear image.

    We offer security and surveillance solutions that you can make use of, and count on. Contact us today let’s envision better security together.


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