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Do You Have a Site That Needs Security?

Our Channel Partner Program

Are you a security systems integrator or other security related company that would like to offer the Mobile Video Guard service to your customers?  If so you’ve come to the right place!

Do You Have...

  • Construction customers asking for a better way to protect their sites during the building phase?


  • The skills and equipment necessary to do an easy installation? (Most installs take an hour or less)


  • A desire to add recurring monthly revenue to your income stream?


  • The ability to network and generate new leads and customers?

How it Works….

  1. Fill out the Channel Partner Application form below
  2. Once you’ve been approved as a partner, you and your key employees are invited to a 2 day training class (more details on that once you’ve applied)
  3. You place an order to lease our Mobile Video Guard units
  4. You’ll find customers in your local area (we will train you in some very effective ways to do this as well as leverage our existing relationships with nationwide general contracting companies)
  5. You will do the initial installation of the unit on your customer’s site
  6. We will handle all of the remote programming and maintenance of the cameras
  7. We will remotely monitor your customer’s site and alert authorities to intrusions and other criminal behavior
  8. You share in the monthly revenue from every client site you install at

Everybody wins with our Channel Partner Program; you are able to help your customer find a great solution and earn income from it, your customer has a safe and secure site and saves a ton of money during the project, and we are able to grow our national brand!

We are looking to add companies throughout the United States to our Channel Partner Program.  If you are interested get started by filling out this quick introduction form to tell us a little about who you are, what you do, and where you operate.  Once we review the information we’ll be in touch to get you started with the next steps.

Channel Partner Interest Form

Mobile Video Guard Security System

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