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How to Avoid Overnight Theft When Parking Your Semi-Truck

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    Whether you’re an independent driver or you own an entire fleet, you simply cannot afford to deal with the loss of income and stress that comes with theft of your semi-trucks.

    In order to ensure that your assets are safe, you need to make security a priority when it comes to parking your semi-truck in a lot or anywhere you keep them stored when they’re not in use.

    Read on to learn how you can avoid overnight theft at your lot to keep your trucks safe and your workers on the road.

    Why Your Semi Trucks Need Video Surveillance

    If you own semi-trucks, you already know how costly they are, and how integral they are to a successful business. Unfortunately, thieves are lurking everywhere and won’t hesitate to attempt to steal them if they have easy access to your lot.

    When you have semi-trucks parking overnight, it leaves them vulnerable to possible theft, vandalism, and other crimes. That’s why having a security protocol in place is so essential to not only protect your assets but to also give you peace of mind.

    Without a good security plan and system on your lot, your trucks are wide open to the possibility of being stolen. Taking robust security measures will not only save you money, but it will also save you quite a lot of future headaches.

    Even something as simple as installing ultra-bright floodlights can be a good deterrent for thieves. However, you need something more effective if you really want to keep your trucks safe in overnight storage.

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    Physical Security Measures for Semi Trucks Parking Overnight

    Remote cameras are an excellent way to monitor your trucks and your business, but there are also some things you can physically do to make your site more secure. First, make sure that your parking lot is brightly lit with floodlights shining downward directly onto the lot itself.

    Without proper lighting, it’s easy for thieves to lurk in the darkness and make a clean getaway without being noticed. You should also invest in strong gates with locking mechanisms that only your direct employees and truck drivers can access.

    Use things like tall fencing with barbed wire to prevent criminals from trying to climb over and into your parking lot. If you’re near the location of your semi-trucks, you could also consider a few guard dogs. Just be sure that your dogs have proper shelter, food, and care.

    Aside from the parking lot itself, your drivers need to take some security measures of their own. Make sure they lock all doors and cargo holds before leaving the parking lot every time they pull in to park.

    Create a sign-in and sign-out system so you always know when your trucks leave and when they return. This simple system will ensure that you know each truck is in the right hands at all times.

    These simple physical security measures can be excellent deterrents, but you’ll also need something more advanced to provide you with 24-hour monitoring. A robust system that includes surveillance and other technology will be your best line of defense against theft of your vehicles.

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    Consider a CCTV Security System

    It may be a bigger cost up front, but a thorough and technologically advanced CCTV monitoring system will give you more control over your assets and your parking lot. These systems consist of a variety of different components that work together to ensure you’re getting the level of security you need.

    Choose high-definition cameras that can clearly see everything with a 360-degree view whenever possible. Mount the cameras high in the air so you can look down on the parking lot and zoom in when you need to. Place the cameras strategically throughout the lot so they’re pointing to the lot itself, the entrance, and the perimeter.

    In order to really get control over your trucks’ security, enroll in a live monitoring program. This program means that experienced individuals will watch over your footage and alert the authorities if something is out of place.

    Another excellent feature to consider is the ability to talk directly to your site via loudspeaker. This remote speaker lets you or your monitoring agents talk to a suspect in real-time. It’s a highly effective way to deter crime and most of the time, suspects will immediately leave the area.

    Use lighting to your advantage, and look for systems that include red and blue police-style strobe lights. Install motion cameras that will immediately turn on whenever they detect any motion, regardless of the time of day. You can also set up your cameras to trigger an alert whenever a person or vehicle enters your parking lot’s perimeter.

    The key to a quality CCTV security system is that you can review any suspicious footage and give it to the authorities to help find your suspect. A system with mobile access lets you view your cameras any time in case you want to check in on your trucks and your employees.

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    Protect Your Assets with Robust Security

    When it comes to your semi-trucks parking lot, you want to ensure that you have a strong security system in place. With a combination of physical deterrents and quality cameras, you’ll be able to protect your assets more effectively.

    Consider selection a few options that will improve security such as remote access and a loudspeaker you can use to scare criminals away. The more options you choose, the more money you’ll save in the long run.

    If you’re considering upgrading your security, visit our website to learn more and to request a quote today.


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