New Customer Site Setup

The form below will help us in getting your site setup for our Mobile Video Guard monitoring services.  The information you provide will be used to set up our monitoring software and the post orders for your particular site.

  • Billing Information

    Who should we send monthly invoices to, name and email address

  • Who should we send the monthly billing notices to?
  • Email address where monthly bills should be sent
  • General Site Info

  • Particular areas of concern or special attention on site:
  • Any prior break ins or thefts? If so what area on site was targeted?
  • Do you have on site secuirty guard service? If so please provide details about their hours and a point of contact at the company?
  • Which local police department is responsible for your site area? Do you have an out of the area emergency number for them?
  • Please provide the combination to any locks that would be needed to access the site. Typically police will not climb a fence to gain entry into a site and check it so we need to be able to provide them with a way to access.
  • Contact List

    Please list the contacts we should reach out to in case of an emergency on site.

    Enter in order of desired notification.

    Your site will be set up with a text group which our operations center uses to communicate non-emergency information and questions, please indicate which contacts should be included in the text group.

    We call for... 1.) Police are requesting a site representative on site or 2.) a major incident like fire, significant weather damage, etc...

    We text for... basically everything else, i.e. notifying you that we've detected suspicious activity and are calling the police; results of the police response; we're seeing a gate left open or other equipment not left in normal state; etc...

  • Call List

    The below individuals will be added to our call list to reach out to when necessary during an event. We will call in order of the list until we reach someone or make it through the entire list.

  • General Operating Instructions

  • Please list the name and address for the person that would come to court as the "victim" if a break in occurs. The police will ask us for this if they capture someone on site. Having this info in our system may avoid you having to drive to the site in the middle of the night

Overview & Pricing Guide

Fill out the information below and we'll send you our Overview & Pricing Guide.