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Live Video Monitoring for Medical Facility Construction

Safeguard Any Medical Facility Construction Site Without Paying for Security Guards

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Why Choose Remote Video Surveillance for Healthcare Facility Construction Projects?

From the spread of disease to workplace violence and outside attacks, medical facilities are among the most vulnerable buildings. In fact, OSHA’s official recommendation is to include security systems – including surveillance and alarms – in your master plan from the start.

But what about your worksite? From hospital or clinic repairs to a brand-new healthcare campus or care facility, construction security is critical to a safe, successful medical facility project.

Protect Your Project Standards, Timeline and Budget

Hospitals are the most complex building type, with stringent and expansive standards for safety, security, and functionality.

The size and complexity of a medical construction project create an opportunity for safety issues. Much can go wrong to delay your project timeline or endanger your build, including:

  • Failure to follow regulatory requirements for safety
  • Worksite violence or accidents
  • Failure to meet building codes and standards
  • Theft, vandalism, or tampering with materials, tools and equipment

Live video monitoring allows you to monitor operations, protect workers, and improve site liability with eyes on your site at all times.

Video commercial Surveillance security

Monitor Operations to Stay on Time and Save Money

With a large project like a healthcare facility, it can be difficult to monitor the comings and goings, or even the trustworthiness, of every person on site.

Remote video monitoring adds protection for your construction industry beyond ID badges and perimeter security. With a surveillance system in place, work standards improve. And trained eyes guarding your construction site will detect and stop problematic activity before damage is done.

Stop Theft and Vandalism in its Tracks

Did you know, 30%-80% of job site theft is by people authorized to be on-site? Some of the most commonly stolen goods from healthcare construction projects include:
  • Copper wire
  • Lumber and board
  • Insulation
  • Welding machines
  • Generators
  • Saws
Theft or vandalism of these items can cost your projects hundreds of thousands in losses. And every incident has the potential to delay your project significantly while you file claims and replace your materials. Improve your healthcare construction security with monitored video surveillance as one part of your comprehensive plan.

See it in action:

caught on mobile video guard security camera

Improve Liability to Reduce Costs and Protect Your Business

Remote monitored surveillance cameras help you save money by reducing the likelihood of costly claims through improved site security.

And with cameras recording on motion and storing footage for up to 4 weeks, you’ll have the reliable evidence you need in case insurance claims or legal proceedings do come up.

How Can Mobile Video Guard Really Help?

Affordable, Simple and Savvy Construction Site Security Services

Mobile Video Guard delivers reliable, affordable surveillance solutions for general contractors, facilities managers, and others tasked with construction site safety for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities. We serve medical site construction in D.C., Maryland, Virginia and surrounding areas.

Mobile Video Guard’s proven security professionals ensure your site is protected from thieves, vandals, and even unsavory behavior from your construction workers.

Construction Surveillance video footage
Construction Surveillance video footage
New Construction site surveillance

Mobile Video Guard Surveillance

Proactive, Not Reactive

With standard security cameras, on-site crime is recorded, but not prevented.

Mobile Video Guard offers a solution, with crime-deterrent features are built into our systems to stop crime before it happens. Flashing lights alert criminals to surveillance presence, and one-way speakers allow our agents to verbally address any suspicious activity.

And when any criminal or suspicious activity is detected, our remote security specialists contact your local law enforcement to apprehend the subject.

Advanced Monitoring Technology

Our Technology

Mobile Video Guard’s rugged and mobile video surveillance options are designed to withstand harsh conditions. Our cameras and software improve your scope and efficacy of your surveillance system. Our typical package offers these standard features:

  • Several Camera Views
  • Pole or Wall Mount Options
  • Time-Lapse Video
  • Motion Detect Cameras
  • Speakers to “Talk To” the site
  • Red and Blue Strobe Light Alarm System
  • Cellular Modem for Secure Wireless Video Feed
  • Mobile App Syncs Feed to Your Phone

Our can deliver exactly the solution you need. We are willing to customize your camera system and surveillance based on your site’s unique needs.

thermal video camera
why you need cctv for your construction site

Our Team

More than Surveillance

Mobile Video Guard was founded by Shawn Scarlata – also founder of our parent company, SMART Security Pros. With over two decades leading security in the Washington D.C. area as a law enforcement officer and security guard, Shawn demands the strictest standards and has garnered the respect of many clients throughout the years. When you hire Mobile Video Guard, you get more than video surveillance. You’re getting a team of experienced, expert security professionals working to secure your site and deliver peace of mind. Our team is comprised entirely of prior law enforcement personnel and experienced security guards. Each Remote Site Security Specialist goes through rigorous training before joining our team to ensure 100% satisfaction for you and adherence to our exacting standards.

Working With Mobile Video Guard

We offer two mainstay remote surveillance services, each equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Remote Guard Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

This system works well for facilities with surveillance cameras on-site already, as well as for facilities needing an entirely new setup. We install your cameras, if needed, and connect your site to our remote video monitoring center.

Mobile Video Guard Remote Units
Mobile Video Guard’s remote units were designed as a solution to the problem of security in remote or challenging locations. Rugged, portable units offer extensive camera views of your site. They can use your site’s power and internet or our wi-fi modem and generators to relay live footage of your site.

We also enable you to monitor the activity of your medical facility project yourself. Our mobile video surveillance app delivers secure feed from your site to your phone or other mobile device.

Video commercial Surveillance security

Working With Mobile Video Guard

Get protected in three easy steps:

  1. Quote: Call or use our form – We’ll usually respond with a quote on the same day
  2. Installation: We fulfill your request fast, no matter which service you choose
  3. Security: Get peace of mind knowing trained security professionals are protecting your site

Working with us is simple and efficient, and costs 60% – 90% less than hiring security guard services. And you only pay for what you need: no contract, no commitment. Just up-front month-to-month pricing for high-quality service.

Contact us now to get started!

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