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Marina Security

If you run a marina, you want to make sure you have strong security there to keep your customers’ boats safe. You need to deter criminals from entering your property and damaging or stealing those vessels, after all, and you want to be sure you’re delivering the peace of mind that will make customers feel comfortable storing their high-value investments in your space. 

There are a number of available options for security, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. You might think hiring guards is a good idea, but the costs can quickly add up and humans are limited in what they can see and prevent. Cameras on their own capture a lot of information, but the lack of ability to interact through them can mean you have a record of a bad act without real-time actions.

A monitored video security system tailored specifically to your location and needs will be a much safer and robust way to go. When you’re in the market for surveillance solutions you can trust, Mobile Video Guard is ready to help. Our team has been serving the Maryland-Washington, D.C., area with tailored, 27/4 solutions for years.

Keep Your Marina Secure With Video Cameras

Boats, yachts, and other water vessels are expensive investments, and you likely have a number of them in your marina or dry-land storage facilities. If they are damaged — or even worse, stolen — the costs associated with those crimes quickly add up. The more secure your facility, the lower the chances of your marina getting hit by criminals with bad intentions.

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Important security measures to keep in mind:

  • Having a guard patrol available to you 24 hours a day is a sizable investment, and that individual cannot be everywhere at once. 
  • This may mean missing crimes in operation because the guard is elsewhere on the property.
  • Video camera systems are a great option for large facilities or grounds with numerous assets to protect.
  • Video surveillance runs around the clock and can be monitored remotely, thereby improving coverage while shrinking labor costs. 
  • Security cameras also have the advantage of having a wide viewing angle, unlike the limited area that a guard can see with his eyes. 
  • You would need multiple guards to be able to carry the same area that a camera can cover — and guards can’t record what they see for playback at a later time. 

Having a surveillance system designed specifically for your marina will mean cameras placed exactly where they need to be, eliminating blind spots and keeping all the items on your property protected against intruders.

Quick and Easy Marina Security Installation

Timing is key when you add security. The longer it takes to get set up, the longer your property and vessels are unprotected and vulnerable. Quick, easy installation is a hallmark of Mobile Video Guard: 

  • Our remote monitoring systems are easy to install, meaning your surveillance is up and running in no time. 
  • The cameras are set up for maximum stability and proper recording, but also intended to be moved. It is easy to change their locations as your needs change. 
  • We can get you your equipment in less than a day, minimize the lag between starting your service and full coverage.
  •  Setup is nearly instantaneous and can be handled by a security expert to ensure best results.

Whether you need one camera or a system with several, Mobile Video Guard is here to help. Our expert team will walk your site, help you determine what you need, and get the gear out to you quickly so you’re protected in no time.

See it in action:

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How Does Using Mobile Video Guard Work?

Mobile Video guard delivers secure mobile video surveillance solutions for long or short term use for nearly all facility types. Protect your marina in the busy season, the off-season or during any renovations with our two-part remote monitored security system.

Video Surveillance Cameras

The Perks of Robust Marina Surveillance Systems

Marina owners and operators make significant investments in their spaces, and they’ve got a lot of paying customers counting on them to keep expensive water craft safe from vandals and thieves. Having the right security system might seem like just another expense, but the right video surveillance can save you money: 

  • Just knowing there are cameras on site is often enough to keep criminals away from your property.
  • This helps to prevent bad actors from damaging or stealing boats, or taking off with other things at the marina.
  • Security cameras can keep your insurance rates low, as many providers will charge less when they know you have increased security on your property.
  • This is because it is less likely that you will eventually have to file a claim.
  • If the worst-case scenario happens, having video evidence can be invaluable to catching the perpetrators as quickly as possible. 
  • The sooner you know about a crime and contact the authorities, the higher the chance the criminal will be caught and stolen possessions returned.
  • High-definition video provides crystal-clear footage that makes it easier for the police to identify both crimes and perpetrators.
  • Night is traditionally a time when criminals strike, but night vision technology means they’ll still be easily spotted by your cameras. Night vision allows you to get footage in the dark as if it was broad daylight outside.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to monitor and control your system, whether on site or in another location entirely. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can stay abreast of the happenings at your marina.

The right team of experts monitoring your live security feeds will mean perpetrators are caught before they have a chance to commit the crime they came to execute, no matter the time of day, season, or weather pattern. Additions such as speakers and lighting can mean your remote guards can speak to bad actors and dissuade them from continuing their crimes, and the right alarms and lighting can scare them off entirely.

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Mobile Video Guard Services

In-depth Proposals & Quick Deployment

Our quoting process is fastest when you do it online. Just fill out the form on our website, and we’ll get a proposal to you as soon as possible – usually on the same day you submit a request.

Once you’ve accepted our custom proposal, we’ll get the surveillance on your site faster than you thought possible. We’ve been known to complete the process – from initial assessment to active surveillance deployment – in under a day for many satisfied customers.

Mobile Video Guard: Your Go-To for Marina Security

Our team is trained to recognize suspicious activity and to respond immediately by contacting your local law enforcement to dispatch assistance

If you’re thinking about adding security to your D.C.-area marina, there’s no better time than now. Mobile Video Guard is based locally and has years of experience in creating the optimal solutions for a variety of clients, which means we can help you order and set up a system that is tailored to your needs. 

Contact Mobile Video Guard today to speak with an expert about any marina security questions you might have. Any member of our experienced team would be more than happy to help you out and pinpoint the remote monitoring system that is the perfect one for you. You can contact us with no obligation, and we’ll give you a free quote to help you determine if our service is right for you.

Video commercial Surveillance security

Secure your marina for the peace of mind your members and boat owners deserve.

Mobile Video Guard is a commitment and hassle-free way to monitor your marina. Just contact us online, or call (844) 724-2183 between 9 am – 5 pm to get started. 

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