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Live Monitoring as a Self-Storage Security Solution

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    Self-storage security is a high priority for many business owners looking to protect their valuable goods.

    Traditional security measures such as hiring a security guard or installing an alarm system remain popular solutions. However, advances in digital technology have allowed many self-storage facilities to implement self-storage live monitoring as an effective self-storage security solution.

    Live monitoring provides real-time protection from unwanted activity, is a viable replacement for a physical security guard, and offers evidence in the event of disputes or criminal activities. This blog post will explore the benefits of self-storage live monitoring and how it compares to traditional security solutions.

    Benefits of Live Monitoring

    Investing in live monitoring is an excellent way to improve self-storage security. Here are some of the most significant benefits it offers:

    Respond to Issues in Real Time

    Live monitoring shows you what’s happening at your self-storage facility in real time and alerts you to potential problems as soon as they happen. As a result, you can respond to threats (or situations that just seem a bit off) right away and prevent them from escalating.

    Improve Customer Service

    People choose to store their belongings at your facility because they trust that you’ll keep them safe. If they know that you’ve invested in live monitoring, they’ll see that you take security seriously and will be more satisfied with their experience working with you.

    Reduce Liability

    If someone’s stuff goes missing from their self-storage unit, your business could be in trouble. Live monitoring is a good way to reduce your liability and avoid potential legal problems.

    Identify Retraining Needs

    Live monitoring isn’t just for monitoring your facility and protecting it from threats. You can also use it to observe your employees and identify potential retraining needs.

    If you notice that employees are not acting as they’re supposed to while on the job, you’ll know what to focus on during your next training session or team meeting.

    Who is Live Monitoring For?

    All kinds of organizations can benefit from live monitoring, not just self-storage facilities. The following are some additional organizations that may want to invest in this extra security:

    • Construction companies
    • Commercial buildings
    • Apartment buildings
    • Car dealerships
    • Warehouses
    • Trade show managers
    • Cell towers
    • Dispensaries

    Basically, any business that values security and wants to take extra steps to protect employees, inventory, and customers should consider live monitoring.

    How Live Monitoring Works

    Before you invest in a live monitoring self-storage security system, you might want to know a bit more about how it works.

    Live video surveillance is an excellent example of advanced security for self-storage facilities. These systems feature a series of cameras monitored by security professionals, ensuring 24/7 protection.

    There’s more to the story, though.

    Live monitoring systems also include additional features, such as loudspeakers and strobe lights, that provide extra protection. Some can even detect changes in temperature and alert the proper authorities if a fire occurs.

    Choosing a Live Monitoring Service

    What should you keep in mind when investing in live monitoring security for self-storage facilities? Be sure to consider the following factors:

    Number of Camera Views

    The more camera views available for each unit, the better. Ideally, you’ll have at least four camera views per unit and a 360-degree view of the area being surveilled. Improved visibility makes it easier to monitor the entire self-storage facility and catch problems earlier.

    Live Monitoring Times

    Find out when the cameras are monitored by actual human beings. At a minimum, they should be monitored during the most vulnerable hours (from 6 pm to 6 am) so you can experience extra peace of mind and trust that the authorities will be contacted right away if something goes wrong.

    Additional Features

    Live monitoring systems come with a myriad of additional features that help you protect your facility. Pay attention to the options offered with each system you evaluate, and make sure you’re investing in one that provides everything you want and need.

    Customer Reviews

    Reading customer reviews is a good way to make sure you’re investing in a live monitoring system that will do everything you need it to do. Pay attention to what people like and dislike about the system to avoid spending money on one that doesn’t serve your facility.


    Of course, you must consider the price of the system as well. Ask for a quote from a few different surveillance system providers and compare them to see which one offers the best deal.

    Keep in mind, too, that it’s not just about spending the least amount of money. You also need to think about what you get in exchange for that price — it might be worthwhile to pay more to get a more robust solution.

    Live Monitoring Pros and Cons

    The fact that you’re reading this blog shows that you care about the safety of self-storage units. You might also be curious about the pros and cons of live monitoring, though.

    Here are some of the most essential pros and cons to keep in mind:

    Pros of Live Monitoring

    • Observe your entire property, including areas that it might be hard for a security guard to access or oversee
    • Respond to burglaries, fires, and other threats in real-time
    • Have your property surveilled by trained professionals during the most vulnerable hours

    Cons of Live Monitoring

    • Repair costs can be expensive if equipment breaks
    • Some providers require long-term contracts
    • Some providers take a long time to set up systems and troubleshoot if something needs to be fixed.


    Live monitoring is an incredible security solution for self-storage facilities. With 24/7 surveillance, a live monitoring system ensures that your self-storage business is protected at all times, providing you with peace of mind around the clock.

    If you’re ready to invest in live monitoring, Mobile Video Guard is here for you.


    Why Should I Choose Surveillance Cameras Over Security Guards?

    Surveillance cameras can cost up to 75 percent less than security guards. However, you can also combine the two security options for additional protection.

    How Long Does It Take to Set Up a Live Monitoring System?

    Mobile Video Guard offers next-day setup, so you can start monitoring your self-storage facility within 24 hours.

    How Can I Monitor My System After Hours?

    Mobile Video Guard provides access to camera footage through a convenient mobile app so that you can check on your property at any time and from anywhere.


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