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3 Vitale Home & Garden Trade Show Security Strategies

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    Home and Garden Shows: An Overview

    Home and Garden Trade Shows, or Expos, deliver an exciting opportunity for industry networking, potential sales, and valuable education. 

    They can also be just plain fun. With a host of materials and technologies, indoor and outdoor decorations and supplies, storage solutions and gardening gadgets, you’re sure to be entertained whether or not you can wield a hammer or a hoe.

    Read on to learn more about what home and garden trade shows have to offer, as well as advice on trade show security strategies and safety.

    trade show security strategies

    Who You’ll Meet at Home & Garden Shows

    The wonderful thing about a home and garden trade show is the wide range of exhibitors and attendees. You’ll have flower aficionados and specialized flooring exhibitors all in one space. Anything related to creating and improving an indoor or outdoor home space, you can find at a home and garden show.

    This means the people there come from a vast range of industries and experience. From construction industry experts to home garden enthusiasts, the range of people you’ll find at a tradeshow is huge and includes:

    • Homeowners
    • Property managers
    • Contractors
    • Developers
    • Builders
    • Landscapers
    • Designers
    • Consultants
    • Remodelers
    • Interior designers
    • Gardeners
    • Professionals and Hobbyists
    • and more

    What Makes A Home and Garden Show So Great?

    Landscaping professionals, home improvement and remodeling contractors, gardening enthusiasts and homeowners, and home and garden design professionals all gather to exhibit and learn. The networking and discovery aspect of home and garden shows make them an exciting prospect for hobbyists and professionals alike.

    These industry events provide a great opportunity to connect with professionals in your own trade. Building relationships with others in your trade or craft can help make your own properties and projects better than ever through the exchange of new products and ideas. Professional and non-professional attendees will enjoy finding innovative new ideas for home and garden construction and renovations.

    Regional Home and Garden Shows You May Be Interested In

    If a home and garden show sounds like your thing, but you haven’t participated in one yet, you’re in luck. Virginia and Maryland are home to some of the nation’s most successful and well-attended home shows and garden shows. 

    This is just a short list of some of the upcoming special events we’re aware of, as well as their locations.

    Virginia Home & Garden Expos

    • Mid-Atlantic Home & Outdoor Living Show (Virginia Beach Convention Center)
    • Capital Remodel & Garden Show (Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, VA)
    • Richmond Home & Garden Show (Richmond Raceway Complex)
    • Virginia Home & Garden Show (Meadow Event Park)
    • Arlington Home Show & Garden Expo (Arlington, VA)

    Maryland Home & Garden Trade Shows

    • Suburban Maryland Spring Home Show (Upper Marlboro, Maryland)
    • Maryland Home & Garden Show (Maryland State Fairgrounds)
    • Mid Maryland Home Expo (Annapolis, Maryland)
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    Protecting Your Home and Garden Trade Show: 3 Tips to Know

    Trade Show Security Tips for the Venue

    As with any trade show, security should be one of the first things on your to-do list as you approach the big event. If you’re an event manager or venue manager responsible for security, there are some simple tips outside of safety technology to help with event security.

    1. Take the last day the most seriously
    2. Think like a criminal
    3. Promote attendee awareness

    If your venue doesn’t have an in-house security team, you may also be considering whether to hire security just for the trade show. In cases of high volumes of high-value goods, you may be better off hiring cost-effective security services. 

    Having so many people and products in one place comes with a certain amount of security risk. Consider carefully whether you need armed or unarmed guards. Most of the time, unarmed guards can be just as effective for a lower price.

    Trade Show Security Strategies for Exhibitors

    As an exhibitor, you know there’s money to be made in a trade show. While you may not be selling products and services directly on the trade show floor, you’re making connections than can definitely boost your business.

    Planning for such an event includes several expenses including travel, lodgings, booth design and setup costs, and more. What you don’t want is to add expensive losses to the amount you’ve already spent getting there and securing your spot.

    Trade show booth theft is not uncommon and can result in some pretty costly damages.

    From missing inventory to stolen technology, a lot can go wrong. That’s why trade show booth security is essential. 

    Trade Show Technology for Peace of Mind

    Luckily, keeping your booth secure is simpler than ever with the recent developments in the security industry. Specifically, the advances in mobile trade show video surveillance technology

    With a mobile, remote-monitored surveillance camera system like Mobile Video Guard, you get peace of mind during your trade show and after-hours with features like:

    • Crime-deterrent strobe lights and audio
    • Multiple camera views for a full scope of surveillance
    • Time-Lapse recording capabilities for future reference
    • Camera analytics that trigger real-time alerts
    • Overnight remote monitoring services
    • Anytime surveillance with your mobile app
    • Contract-free, up-front fees

    If you’re interested in trade show and exhibit security solutions as described above, please contact Mobile Video Guard. You can request a quote for trade show video guard services online, or call us at (844) 732-3582.

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    Mobile Video Guard Delivers Reliable, Responsive Trade Show Security for Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

    Whether you’re attending or hosting a trade show, Mobile Video Guard is equipped to serve you. We serve trade shows, fairs, exhibitions and more in the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. region. 

    Our security professionals will be pleased to assist you as you prepare for any of the above trade shows or expos in other industries including construction, technology, marketing, and more.

    For more on trade show theft, why it happens, and how to prevent it, check out our blog post: Trade Show Security: How to Prevent Theft from Your Trade Show Booth.


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