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Illuminating the Hidden Costs of Lax After-Hours Construction Site Security

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    Don’t be blind to costs that can derail your entire project – or the measures you can take to minimize them

    construction site security

    The after-hours activities of thieves and vandals can drive up project costs so significantly that they could endanger completion altogether. State-of-the-art video surveillance can provide powerful protection for your project during its most vulnerable hours between sunset and sunrise.

    Running a construction business and getting projects off the ground continues to get more expensive. With costs growing, the last thing construction managers need is criminals taking a bite out of the budget. 

    Sadly, they’re doing just that and in increasing numbers. This report from Colorado is indicative of a broader national surge that hit hard in 2021 and shows no signs of stopping.

    It highlights hundreds of construction site thefts under investigation and a fortune lost in just one area of the country. Criminals remain emboldened by two things: work slowdowns that have left fully stocked construction projects abandoned, and the rising price – and subsequent street value – of the materials on-site. Let’s shine a light on the dark side of construction site security.

    The riskiest hours and surveillance types for construction security

    Even if a construction site remains active during the day, it typically has to shut down in the evening. This is why nighttime hours are the criminal element’s favorite time to strike. They also like to take advantage of construction companies that haven’t done their research to select the right surveillance hardware.

    This boils down to choosing between consumer-grade security cameras, which anybody could buy from a number of retailers, or the models that the security pros recognize and recommend. Night vision in particular presents a significant pitfall for consumer-grade tech, which typically offers little to no effective surveillance capabilities after hours.

    Worse, they’re dependent on light sources set close to the camera, which do more harm than good by causing luminous interference to the footage. This renders any recordings of intruders, their actions, and whatever vehicles they may be using essentially useless. Yes, the consumer options are cheaper, but they’re almost guaranteed to cost construction sites more in the long run due to their limitations.

    Moving upmarket into higher-grade technology delivers much more advanced hardware that provides higher resolution and crisper, more detailed images that aren’t overexposed. This clarity can be make or break for catching criminals in the act and using that footage to pursue a prosecution.

    How a surveillance system minimizes the dangers of after-hours fires

    Vandals love to do harm, and arson is one of the top eight causes of fires on construction sites, where highly flammable materials like fuels and lumber are almost always available. Criminals are less likely to start a blaze during the day, preferring to do it under cover of darkness. Residential property builds run a pronounced risk in this regard.

    Preventive measures to tackle this issue don’t always rely on visual detection. Our WES3 System can complement cameras and help prevent the massive financial and material losses that can result from after-hours construction site fires. They may even save employee and civilian lives by helping construction site personnel alert first responders who can provide medical care more quickly and effectively than sites where no fire alarm measures exist.

    One valuable feature to thwart thieves and vandals is the WES3’s wireless design. Construction criminals know how to disable traditional wired alarms to ensure they get away with things. Wireless tech overcomes this weakness and can be placed anywhere on the site without the limitations of having to be near wiring or electrical outlets.

    Video surveillance lessens liability

    Vandals sabotaging tools, equipment, and structural supports leave behind hugely increased risks for the workers who use them. Injured employees could end up filing a civil suit against the construction company, and if an accident is deadly, their loved ones can bring a wrongful death suit.

    These are hugely expensive outcomes that could see the employer paying medical bills, lost income, damages for pain and suffering, or funeral expenses. Check out our earlier blog for an in-depth look at how heavy liability can be.

    Without video surveillance, the vandals get away unpunished while the employer faces liability for those risks and outcomes. A lack of video footage can also leave a company open to exploitation on two other fronts. Unscrupulous employees can fake injuries for financial gain, while careless ones entirely to blame for their injury could successfully pin the blame on the company.

    Video footage greatly reduces those risks. It can provide 24/7 records on who’s doing what and where on your site. It can also provide valuable evidence to law enforcement and insurers to help catch criminals and exonerate innocent employers. It’s a good step – but video surveillance can do even better.

    Real-time security protection at nighttime

    Mobile Video Guard’s surveillance units don’t just watch passively after sundown – they’re connected to our human agents throughout the critical after-hours period. Our vigilant team is experienced in law enforcement and can interact directly with your site vocally in real time to stop any unwanted visitors in their tracks with loudspeakers and flashing strobe lights.

    We also immediately contact local authorities to alert them to suspicious or malicious activity to further increase the odds of your project, people, and equipment staying safe. We also empower our customers to become active agents in their own protection by letting them check in from anywhere at any time to view their security feed via their digital device.

    Speak to the video surveillance experts with any questions

    Mobile Video Guard provides custom construction site security across the United States to companies needing mobile security. We can help you decide which measures to take and formulate a personalized site plan that will position cameras for optimal visual results.

    We will tailor our solutions to your needs and budget, and our fixed monthly costs mean our customers enjoy security savings of 60% to 90%. Contact Mobile Video Guard and speak to an expert today about getting reliable video security when and where you need it.


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