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Ultimate 2020 Guide to Construction Site Security Checklist

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    Summer nights are meant for grilling hot dogs in your backyard, taking long moonlit walks on the beach, and relaxing on your porch. Summer nights aren’t designed to be spent worrying about the security of your construction site, dealing with stolen equipment, or talking to the cops about vandalism. Poor construction site security damages your reputation, your ability to relax and enjoy life while you’re off the clock, and eats away at your profits. Worst of all, poor security can create situations that endanger the lives of you and your crew.

    Taking the time to review the ultimate 2020 guide to construction site security checklist and making sure your site is properly protected is the best way to get through each construction problem quickly and without any late-night phone calls from the police.

    Make Smart Hiring Decisions

    Securing your construction site starts when you put together a team of employees to work on the project. Granted, hiring the first twenty people who turn in an application saves a great deal of time and allows you to start the project sooner, in the long run, you’ll regret rushing the process. In addition to making sure each of your employees is qualified for the specific type of work you need them to complete, you should also check with their references and make sure they have a history of honesty. They need to be safety conscious. Each employee should also be someone who takes pride in their work and will report any security breaches they notice. 

    Light up the Construction Site

    A dark construction site invites trouble. Setting up security lighting takes a little time, but in the long run, it does wonders for discouraging would-be vandals from entering the site when you’re not working. Set up the security lights so that the entire perimeter of the site is lit, making it easy for passing police officers to notice if anything shady is going on in the middle of the night. 

    When you’re setting up your security lighting, be mindful of any houses or apartment buildings located near the site. You want the security lights to illuminate the construction site, but you don’t want the lights shining into people’s homes and keeping them up all night.

    Set up Construction Site Security Cameras

    A surprising number of construction companies are reluctant to set up security cameras at their construction site. The biggest reason for the hesitation is the expense. Many construction site managers not only worry about the cost of purchasing security cameras but also the expense of replacing stolen or damaged cameras.

    Construction site managers who have installed CCTV have found the cost worthwhile. Simply posting that cameras are watching over the construction site reduces theft and vandalism. When something does happen, police can view the footage, increasing the odds of the culprits getting caught and you receiving restitution. 

    The great thing about today’s Mobile Video Guard security cameras is that not only are many designed in such a way that a single camera can watch over a large portion of your construction site, but they are also easily moved from one site to another, which helps keeps your cost down. You’ll want to select a security camera that’s durable, reliable, and easily set up.

    Fence in the Site

    It’s amazing how much more secure a construction site is when a fence is placed around it. The fence allows you to lock a gate when you leave. Since someone climbing a fence or using a pair of bolt cutters on a chained gate obviously isn’t someone who doesn’t have permission to be on the construction site, police and concerned citizens are easily able to identify when the construction site is being broken into. The fence should be tall enough it can’t be easily jumped, go around the entire construction site, and not have any gaps. Ideally, you should have a fence that can be easily dismantled and transported to another construction site.

    Ultimate 2020 Guide to Construction Site Security Checklist

    Create and Follow a Construction Site Security Plan

    Setting up security measures such as fences and security cameras is great, but they’re not enough. Get into the habit of sitting down with your team and creating a construction site security plan before starting each new project. The plan should address basic security measures that you take at all sites and also acknowledge issues that are unique to the project you’re about to begin. Once you’ve identified potential security issues, you make a list of how you plan on handling each potential problem. This portion of the site security plan ensures that you have all the equipment and technology required to keep the site safe both while you’re working there and during the hours when the site is empty.

    The other issue that should be addressed in your construction site security plan is how you intend to deal with security breaches. The plan should include who is notified in the event of a security breach and who is responsible for working with the police, site owners, and insurance company if the worse does happen. It’s also a good idea to have the name of the person the employees should contact if they feel there is a security or safety problem.

    Once you’ve created the construction site security plan make sure everyone involved with the project knows and understands the contents. 

    Contact Mobile Video Guard

    When it comes to keeping your construction site security, you can’t afford to use second rate equipment. Mobile Video Guard has you covered. We provide reliable long and short term remote video surveillance. Our long and short term remote video monitored video surveillance drastically reduces the amount of theft and vandalism that takes place at construction sites. The videos are monitored in real-time, which makes it easy for the police to use the footage for criminal investigations. The technology we use provides clear footage. We specialize in monitoring both residential and commercial construction sites. 

    The sooner you contact us about our remote monitored video surveillance, the sooner you can stop worrying about your construction site’s security.


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