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The Future of the Video Surveillance System

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    What To Expect For The Future Video Surveillance Systems

    Among the various uses for video surveillance lies the number one benefit of a system that helps people solve crimes.

    The future of video surveillance continually changes and has surprising uses. Traffic monitoring, industrial processes, and even sporting events- all benefit and use video surveillance in some way.

    If surveillance systems always change and grow, what does the future hold? 

    To learn more about video surveillance system trends to come, zoom on in and hold tight- the future is bright!

    1. Worksites

    One of the newest video surveillance system trends is their addition to worksites.

    Yup, that’s right everyday worksites that have been a victim of injury, theft, and destruction cases. 

    Safety is a priority for anyone working in a hazardous environment, such as a construction site or a chemical plant. 

    Precautions and planning can prevent injury and death, even when a critical malfunction is occurring.

    Fire departments and search and rescue teams use thermal cameras to detect even the slightest changes in temperatures. 

    New aged video surveillance systems can now help prevent injuries or even deaths from fires and leaks.

    But this is just one example of how video technology is making the world a better place.

    2. Advertising

    Picture walking into an apartment complex, and the building manager already knowing your name, credit history, past rental history, and employment status.

    Sounds wild, and slightly creepy but let’s face it, it’s the future.

    Two factors come into play with this video surveillance system. One is let’s face it – facial recognition software.

    It is already widely used in modern smartphones and some fast food markets, so there is no doubt this awesome tool that unlocks your life in seconds can ease the processes in a multitude of areas.

    The second is data brokers compiling information on you to sell to advertisers and even check your background history.

    Video surveillance will eventually be able to pick your face out and let the user know information about you.

    It may seem scary, but advertisers are already leaning towards the development of this video technology.

    And truly when you are doing the right thing, this could help keep you safe from others who aren’t. 

    3. Traffic

    Video surveillance plays a prominent role in finding out traffic trends and helping police.

    This is the system you watch every day that allows people to view the morning commute trends on the TV, but what does the future hold?

    High-speed red-light cameras have slowly become the new norm around traffic lights. 

    The cameras can snap a photo of a license plate and issue a ticket, no police officer involved. 

    Video surveillance systems can provide police officers information on car accidents as well to determine who is at fault.

    Cities have also used drones to monitor traffic patterns. Not only does the picture appear more distinct, but the camera can move faster than a regular plane can.

    That’s fast, speed racer- watch out!

    The Future of Video Surveillance Systems

    Video surveillance systems are widely used today and will continue to develop into more intricate systems.

    The primary sources of use are for workplace safety, advertising, and traffic monitoring.

    There’s more to surveillance than just safety. Retailers can also use these systems to design optimal store layouts and even prevent bottlenecks.

    Our society revolves around surveillance to prevent injuries and to keep people safe from crime and traffic incidents. 

    To learn more about the future of security and surveillance systems, check out our blog, where we envision smarter safety for tomorrow! 


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