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8 Tips for Securing Your Equipment Yard

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    Equipment can be costly to replace, making having a security system for your equipment yard essential. It’s nearly impossible to steal if a thief can’t reach your equipment in the first place, after all. 

    There are many ways to go about securing an equipment yard depending on the budget, the type of equipment owned, the yard’s size, and the location. Equipment yard security involves any method a construction, roofing, landscaping, or other company uses to keep its essential tools and supplies safe. There’s often no choice but to store some of this equipment outdoors, so taking some theft-prevention precautions is a good idea.

    Most construction yards have a fence and building to keep some items secure, but that often fails to stop a motivated thief, since about 1,000 pieces of commercial equipment are reported stolen monthly in the U.S. Experts recommend a complete security system because of the benefits it provides for all yards and construction sites. This guide will look at the different options for securing the equipment around your yard.

    The Benefits of Securing Your Equipment Yard

    equipment yard full of equipment and machinery

    A business that needs an equipment yard probably has a lot of expensive equipment to store. The benefits of securing all the equipment in a yard are numerous, mostly because proactively addressing any security concerns can save a lot of money, work, and hassle in the future. Some benefits include: 

    Reducing Theft 

    The most obvious benefit of a secure yard is that it keeps equipment safe. There’s nothing worse than arriving at the yard or job site in the morning, only to find that some essential tools are missing because they weren’t adequately secured. Doing a thorough job of securing the yard prevents this from becoming an issue.

    Increasing Productivity 

    As theft diminishes, productivity increases. When employees arrive at the yard and find their tools missing or, worse yet, that a large piece of equipment is gone, it can ruin productivity for that day, if not longer. Securing this equipment ensures that workers can get started on their projects first thing every morning.

    Making Equipment Easier to Find

    equipment machines

    A common issue supervisors run into is workers struggling to find the tools and equipment they need to complete a job. An under-the-radar benefit of securing all yard equipment is that these tools should be easier to find, provided employees store them in a secure location. This benefit, once again, can increase productivity on the job site.

    Minimizing Financial Losses

    Every theft deterred means the company is spared the expense of replacing stolen equipment. An equipment yard with lax security could be facing financial losses that are inconvenient at best and, at worst, crippling. 

    Committing to better equipment yard security clearly makes sense for several reasons. Of course, a company’s actual benefits from securing its yard equipment depend on the exact methods it uses to keep these tools and assets safe.

    8 Ways to Protect Your Equipment Yard

    construction equipment

    Every construction yard is different, so the type of security system used will vary by company. Here are some of the most common security methods used.

    1. Use Surveillance Cameras

    One method of yard security that nearly any company can take advantage of is the use of surveillance cameras. These cameras ensure that every section of the yard is protected, even if there’s no one on-site, allowing for constant monitoring of yard equipment. Security cameras not only deter theft but also provide physical evidence if something goes missing.

    2. Install a Security System

    video surveillance for equipment yard security

    Hand in hand with surveillance cameras is the use of a full-yard security system. That way, if someone enters the yard after hours, the system will notify a security company that will send an officer to your property. 

    3. Lock Vehicles

    Perhaps the easiest way of securing at least some of your equipment is by locking the doors. When storing large equipment behind a fence, some workers might falsely assume that it’s safe. An experienced thief can steal large equipment that isn’t locked up, however, so instructing employees to secure the doors is a good idea.

    4. Store Small Items Indoors

    Once again, when equipment is behind a fence, employees could make the mistake of leaving it out in the open. Whenever possible, lock small equipment – such as lawnmowers, string trimmers, drills, and tools – inside a building, because they can disappear in a matter of minutes when left in the open. Even storing these items in a vehicle isn’t safe.

    5. Record and Register Equipment

    construction equipment in yard

    Register all your equipment and make records of everything the business buys. Information to put in these records includes serial numbers, dates of purchase, makes and models, photographs, and a list of authorized users. These records allow you to track equipment as employees use it and provide information to the police when something goes missing.

    6. Create a Theft-Prevention Plan

    Having a theft-prevention plan as part of your employee training is an excellent way to reduce theft. This plan can encourage workers to secure tools and equipment when they aren’t using them and create a clear set of responsibilities for employees. By holding staff accountable for equipment that isn’t adequately secured, you can better use your existing anti-theft protocols.

    7. Hire a Security Guard

    security guard on duty

    Keeping an on-site security guard throughout the night ensures that there’s always a set of eyes on your equipment yard. This security is beneficial because it creates a deterrent, with the main drawback being the cost.

    8. Expert Surveillance 

    A team of mobile security experts can work with you to create a customized plan to ensure that all of your security issues are addressed. This might include some combination of many of the items listed above, including security guards, cameras, active mobile surveillance and other elements. A well-thought-out plan that includes cameras in strategic locations, monitoring by security staff, and other custom elements can go a long way toward securing your property fully.

    Overall, using a few of these methods within your company can create a secure environment and keep your equipment safe. A savvy construction yard will apply however many of these tips as it needs to maximize the security of the property.

    Using a Video Surveillance Company

    Surveillance cameras can give you a permanent set of eyes on your equipment, deterring theft and providing recourse whenever something goes missing. Contact Mobile Video Guard to speak with an expert about your equipment yard’s remote video security surveillance needs.


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