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Dispensary Security Surveillance for Cannabis Facilities

Mobile Video Guard is the reputable provider of Cannabis Dispensary Security Surveillance, offering highly efficient systems, live monitoring solutions, and mobile access to footage. Our solutions are tailor-made for Cannabis Dispensaries, providing you with unlimited scalability and security for your business.

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Why Do You Need Cannabis Dispensary Security Surveillance?

The legalization of marijuana in states across the U.S. has led to an increase in the number of dispensaries. As demand increases, so does the need for security measures to protect dispensaries and their products from theft and other crimes.

Many cannabis dispensaries have to deal with both legal and illegal threats. Even in states where cannabis is legal, it’s still a fairly new industry, and there’s always a threat of crime. There are also still many federal laws that conflict with state law regarding marijuana.

Troublemakers, thieves, and criminals can target your Cannabis dispensary for various reasons. These may include:

Product theft

Delegitimization of your dispensary’s reputation so it can be shut down

Cash theft

Contradictory opinions on the legalization of Cannabis

Whatever the motives, they pose a security threat to your investment and employees. Targets for these crimes include security cameras, cash registers, safes, and marijuana itself. Therefore, getting a comprehensive dispensary security surveillance is an effective deterrent against any risks of criminal activity.

There Are Three Main Reasons Why Your Cannabis Facility Requires An Effective Dispensary Security Surveillance…

1. Compliance to State or Local Regulations:

In every State where Marijuana has been legalized, there are sets of security regulations attached to the running of such a dispensary. Therefore, your business compliance depends on the installation of a dispensary security system that meets all the stipulated requirements, if you are ever to pass inspection.

2. You Face Greater Risk of Theft:

A good security system in a Cannabis dispensary is vital because there is so much money involved. The business is very lucrative, and if there is one thing that attracts criminals, it’s money! Cannabis dispensaries are therefore the newest targets for thieves, and hence the security systems they need to protect their businesses must constantly evolve. It is important to invest in security solutions that will protect your dispensary from external risks as well as employee theft.

3. Diversion Risks:

Diversion is one of the biggest threats facing dispensaries that deal with medical marijuana, which is often illegally transported out of state or sold on the black market after being diverted from legitimate channels. Because you can’t follow your employees 24/7, hidden cameras work around the clock to ensure that all your stock is accounted for.

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Top Security Solutions for your Cannabis Dispensary

If you’re wondering whether to partner with us, here are some amazing reasons why you should.

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Wealth of Experience

We have lots of experience working with Cannabis Dispensaries in legalized States. We are conversant with all security requirements and have working knowledge of installing foolproof security systems in compliance with your state regulations and insurance policies. We also have a full understanding of the threats you face, and will customize a security solution that

State-of-The-Art Technology

Mobile Video Guard works with top-notch security systems to provide your Cannabis dispensary with the best targeted technological solutions in the market. From Wide Dynamic Range systems to High-Resolution cameras, IP Network systems, and Video Management Systems, our solutions will secure all your assets.

Layered Dispensary Security Surveillance

Your facility requires more than one level of protection to secure it from any trespass, theft, orinventory loss. We provide solutions that secure your business from the perimeters to the customer distribution areas, and finally to the stores and inventories. Multi-layering your security systems will buy you time in the case of a break-in, with the intruder having to bypass several levels of security to reach your valuable assets.

1. Outdoor Security Solutions

The first layer of security comprises the outdoor security measures that will deter any intruders from proceeding with their criminal intentions. These systems will help us detect any suspicious activity around your premises, and take immediate action for proactive protection in case of any criminal attempts. Some of the outdoor security measures provided by Mobile Video Guard for Cannabis dispensary security surveillance are:

  • Perimeter Video surveillance systems
  • Building access control systems
  • Audio and Visual Deterrents
  • Alarm and notification systems
  • Network systems
  • Live monitoring

2. Indoor Security Solutions

Our indoor security solutions provide targeted security to the customer distribution areas, point-of-sale terminals, and general office areas within the dispensary. Any intruders who manage to get past the outdoor security will almost certainly be captured by the indoor security systems. Our Indoor security solutions also provide interceptive security against employee theft cases and pilferages. They include:

  • Motion sensors
  • Indoor video surveillance systems
  • Alarm Systems
  • Audio and Visual Deterrents
  • Access Control Systems
  • Live Monitoring
  • Fire Safety Systems

3. Dispensary Security Surveillance Solutions to High-Risk Areas

At Mobile Video Guard, we go further to provide a third level of security to your high-risk areas such as the dispensary’s cash registers, safe, inventory room, and storage facilities. Our main focus when providing security solutions to such priority areas is ensuring limited access to these rooms. Only a restricted number of authorized personnel are allowed in these areas, and high-resolution video surveillance solutions are strategically placed to provide complete coverage of that location at all times. As such, our security solutions for high-risk areas include:

  • Advanced Access Control Systems
  • Quality Video Surveillance Solutions
  • 24/7 Live Monitoring from a Remote Location
  • Employee Manifest
  • Motion Detection
  • Intrusion Alarms
  • Mobile Access
  • Secure Cloud Storage of footage

The level of security in your Cannabis dispensary should be proportionate to the theft risks and value of the stock on your premises. Mobile Video Guard ensures that your dispensary is secure at all times, providing you with access to the live footage conveniently from your phone. we are leading the security system integrators with a global reach and local touch.

Mobile Video Guard Remote Video Surveillance for Cannabis Businesses

If you’re in search of reliable Medical Cannabis Security Surveillance, look no further. Mobile Video Guard is an unrivaled Cannabis dispensary security surveillance solution that is easy to deploy, use, integrate and manage. With our cloud-based video storage, you will receive video insights like never before, allowing you to make meaningful changes to continually optimize your business security.

Contact Mobile Video Guard at (844) 732-358 to get started on our affordable but efficient packages. We are happy to talk to you about our experience, technology, and the best solutions for your business.

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