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Why Data Center Security Plans Must Include Video Surveillance

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    One of the most important data center security tools that’s not used enough is video surveillance in facility protection and safety. At the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, a research study found that video surveillance helped reduce crime anywhere from 16% to 51%. Having a data center security system that includes video surveillance is a win for any business or residence.

    Such shocking statistics makes it hard to understand why companies don’t use video surveillance in their facility data center security systems. Sometimes it’s productive to learn about how video surveillance works in the reduction of security risks. The informational guide below gives you the details on what you need to look for when protecting your facility is a top priority.

    Video surveillance today is not what we remember from years ago. Read on to discover how today’s video surveillance is a dynamic, efficient, and effective system that helps reduce risk inside and outside of your facility.

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    Data Center Video Surveillance

    It’s important to understand the definition of video surveillance before explaining the implementation and value the security system provides your facility. Video surveillance in its most basic format helps keep you and your building protected. A video surveillance system is defined as a system that’s capable of capturing images and videos you can compress, store or send over most communication networks. 

    Any environment can benefit from a video surveillance system if you have the right data center security plan built up around it. A good security strategy plan needs to be active and ongoing so you can protect your facility’s people, places and things. Even one breach in a security system can cause you and your company financial consequences and long-term damage.

    In 2020 a state-of-the-art data security system includes:

    • Being able to manage access control for all entries and exits
    • A digital video surveillance system that works live 24/7 that’s network-based for all recorded monitoring

    Most of all, you want your video surveillance system used as part of your data center security plan, so it helps maximize your facility or event’s protection.


    Data Center Security Plan

    Unfortunately, data center security plans for facilities and job site locations are no longer optional. It’s almost mandatory to have a data center security plan in place because it helps protect your facility, inventory, employees, contractors, and anything else you need to be secured. Security plans can’t stop crime from happening but it can reduce your risk and provide law enforcement with the tools they need to help catch the criminals.

    Commercial data center security plans and systems are the most effective crime deterrent tool you have. Every company, facility, or event gains by integrating their physical security system with its IT and video surveillance system. It’s when all three are merged that you have a superb data center security system in play.

    Almost all electronic security systems today have elements that reside on a digital infrastructure that has routers, servers, storage, video cameras, so you receive maximum protection to most types of security risks. 

    Various Uses of Video Surveillance and The C Suite

    The C suite, when it’s used in data center security terms, represents your vulnerabilities. Your vulnerabilities revolve around three assets, every company or facility has no matter how large or small it is. The three common assets video surveillance protects are:

    1. Your event or facility and the people who are in it. It doesn’t matter if they are employees who work for you or are contractors. There are also visitors, customers and family members who come to the various job or facility locations. Every company or event has the same assets as you regardless of their size.
    2. You also have to protect real property, equipment, inventory, furniture, and IT systems you have or utilize. Often the property you use for your business can be multiple computers at one facility or spread out over several job sites. Regardless, every company no matter how large or small, has property they need to secure.
    3. Proprietary information is always one of the hardest things to wrap security around, but it can be done with an excellent data security system that protects everything from customer lists to credit card information. 

    Finally, you join every other business in the world when you set up your company’s data center security to help protect your brand or reputation. If you’re a new business or an established one, if you lose your reputation in the community that you sell products or services to, you don’t last very long. 

    How Video Surveillance Helps Your Data Center Security System

    Video surveillance provides you with a stellar beginning for any perimeter security you need. That’s because video surveillance can provide smart, high resolution or even thermal imaging when needed. Your video surveillance system collects footage, and if you want, it can also provide analytics to help identify any unauthorized people or behaviors. 

    Most video surveillance security systems are still used for location or perimeter detection and observation with objectives your data center security plan dictates. It used to be that video surveillance needed a large room of equipment where security monitoring was provided. In today’s world, all you need is a video camera, a computer and hard-drive space for a security company to track, watch and monitor.

    Video surveillance can be used in other facility or event security capacities when needed that can help with more sophisticated security intricacy needs as well. It’s the data center security plan that provides a video surveillance system, the mandates, objectives, location, people, places or things it wants to be monitored.

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    Secure Your Facility Today with Real-Time Video Surveillance

    When you’re ready for real-time video surveillance monitoring, reach out to MobileVideoGuard. If you need data center security anywhere in the U.S. we can help you. If you need to protect a physical location in Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey or Massachusetts we can help you create the secured job site you need.

    Data center security needs excellent performance integrated with superb results. The best security leverage your company has is combining CCTV with physical security components. Your business future depends on taking care of its security today.


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