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4 Arts & Crafts Trade Show Security Tips

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    Arts and craft shows or handicraft trade shows are a great opportunity for small businesses. Art fair and festival vendors are a place to gain foot traffic exposure, network with other artists, and grow your business. 

    But anyone who’s done an arts and craft trade show knows: It’s no small task to be a vendor. Fees, inventory, pricing, travel – that’s just the start of it. Trade show security is just one concern of many.

    Whether you’re an old hand at the trade show circuit, or just discovering how to sell well at trade shows and craft fairs, it’s good to stay fresh on arts & craft trade show security strategies.

    Craft fair theft is common. Learn how to protect yourself and prevent theft from your booth. 

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    Trade Show Security: 4 Tips for Securing Your Trade Show Booth

    Make your next show a success with these four strategies for security, safety, and success.

    Set Up Your Display Carefully

    Your booth is your home for the duration of the show. The way you prepare it can make a big difference. A well-curated and organized display is not only easier for shoppers, but is easy for you to keep secure. 

    Make sure you set up thoughtfully to encourage sales and discourage trade show theft by following these basic guidelines.

    • Keep everything visible: Ideally, you should be able to see everything you have for sale from one vantage point. Having items out of your line of sight, especially small items that are easy to pocket, is an invitation for theft.
    • Keep cash close: Your money – as well as your payment processing technology – should always be on your person or within arm’s reach. A cash box under a table is not secure. 
    • Take precautions: If you’re selling small valuables like jewelry or other precious art, consider display cases. Locked glass or plexiglass cases or other safety technologies can display your art clearly while keeping it safe from theft.

    Don’t Go Alone

    Many crafters and small business owners are highly independent and capable people. That’s how you’ve begun your own business, after all. 

    But be careful of the mindset that you have to do everything yourself. Craft fairs and art shows can be loud, busy, and bustling. Larger shows, especially, are demanding in terms of attention. Between answering questions, managing transactions, and keeping your wares orderly, there’s a lot going on. 

    You Can’t Do it All

    Multitasking is an exhibitor’s worst enemy. It’s impossible to run your booth well and have eyes on every corner of your booth at once. This makes theft a breeze.

    And if you need a break, it’s important to have someone you trust watching your booth. It can be a risky move to ask another vendor.

    Hire A Helper

    Do what’s best for your sanity and security, and bring a friend along. Even if you have no formal security measures in place, having a trusted business partner or friend along will help. They can keep an eye on your merchandise and help curious visitors while you answer questions and manage the till or take a break.

    Purchase a Crafter/Vendor Insurance Policy

    Some shows may require exhibitors to have vendor insurance or crafters liability insurance to participate. TherVendor liability and event insurance for your small business These are often called “Artist, Crafters, and Tradesmen policies” and you can purchase them online.

    There are options for vendor insurance. The type you choose will depend on a couple factors:

    • Show or Venue Requirements
    • The Value of Your Crafts
    • The Size of the Show
    • How Frequently You Exhibit
    • Your Budget

    With these in mind, you’ll be able to choose from an annual policy or show-specific policy. You’ll also have the choice of buying general liability insurance or a fine-art policy. 

    • General liability insurance covers expenses arising from show or site related property damages, injury, accidents, etc.
    • Fine-art policies will cover the value of your original arts and crafts for sale in case of theft or damages to your goods.

    While it’s always better to be safe than sorry, you should especially consider comprehensive crafters’ insurance for a large show with high-value items for sale. 

    Contract Trade Show Security Video Surveillance

    Security for arts and craft shows is often the responsibility of the craft fair organizer or venue. While on-premise security services is a definite pro, the trade show organizer can’t do it all. The protection of each booth ultimately comes down to each exhibitor.

    Luckily, trade show booth security is simpler than ever. Thanks to innovative new technology, you can get cost-effective and convenient video surveillance for your trade show or craft fair booth. 

    Security companies are now offering mobile video surveillance camera systems designed especially for trade show use. 

    You can protect your booth with a wide variety of features including:

    • Multiple camera views, for full visibility of your space
    • Crime-deterrent features including audible alarms and flashing lights
    • Visible signs informing visitors of live surveillance
    • Mobile app integration so you can see your booth from anywhere
    • Real-time, after-hours professional remote monitoring from security professionals
    • Time-lapse recording and video storage
    • Contract-free agreements on an as-needed basis

    Sophisticated security for arts and handicraft trade shows or special events has never been more convenient or comprehensive. 

    Choose Mobile Video Guard for Arts & Craft Festival, Fair, and Trade Show Security

    Mobile Video Guard serves crafters and exhibitors attending festivals, conferences and trade shows in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and more. See how easy high quality booth security can be with our affordable, effective surveillance technology.

    Have a show today? We’ve got you covered with fast, friendly, and professional service. Just call (844) 724-2183 or fill out an online request for a quote. We’re typically able to respond within hours and deploy your Trade Show Mobile Video Guard within a day. 


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