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Cost to Install Video Surveillance Cameras for Construction Site Contractors

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    The importance of video surveillance cameras at construction sites can never be underestimated in a time when anything could happen. According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), 12 to 13 people die in construction site (and related) injuries every day. This sobering statistic can obviously be prevented with better safety equipment, which includes cameras to prevent accidents and lawsuits.

    This applies to catching other dangers as well, like fires. Yet, far too many construction companies overlook the use of surveillance cameras because of cost. What is the budget reality for installing these cameras? Let’s take a deep dive into the costs and how it’s possible to save money by leasing. Considering most construction sites are temporary, leasing is always smarter.

    Cost of Surveillance Cameras

    All construction contractors want surveillance cameras with the best features. Most contractors start to balk on purchasing when they see how expensive those cameras are.

    It’s true that if a construction site contractor decides to invest in permanent surveillance cameras, it can cost more than often estimated. According to Home Advisor, the national cost of a CCTV camera can range from $70-$340 per camera. One reason for the extra cost is they’re usually high-definition cameras. They even include safeguards in place to avert potential hacking.

    Of course, the high-end cameras will have extra video storage and better picture definition overall. Also, keep in mind when buying cameras, it means having to upgrade them over time. Eventually, it’ll mean having them cleaned, or adding additional features like night vision and weatherproofing.

    Maybe it sounds convenient to own your own cameras for use at different construction sites. Having full responsibility for those cameras could end up costing more than what you initially paid for each camera. Besides, with technological upgrades happening on a regular basis, the cameras may become outdated within a year or two.

    Further Installation Expense

    Home Advisor above says the average cost to install surveillance cameras is $1,500. A price like this might sound shocking when it costs more than buying the cameras themselves. A good reason for this higher cost is the cameras may need placing in precarious places around the construction site.

    Constructing large buildings, including skyscrapers, may involve having to install cameras at high elevations, requiring more complicated installation procedures. The installation may also take place over a large area, requiring more labor time to get the cameras placed in the proper areas.

    Yet another thing to consider in the installation cost is whether the cameras are wired or wireless. A wired system is going to cost up to $200 per camera to install, something problematic if intending to be on-site for a short time. Plus, wiring becomes more complicated if using outdoor cameras.

    Wireless surveillance cameras are the cheapest to install thanks to ease of use virtually anywhere. Making this decision might be challenging, however, since not having a power source means having to monitor the wireless systems at all times. Regardless, being able to move those cameras to any spot at will is well worth the installation fee.

    Lease Your Surveillance Cameras

    With the cost of surveillance cameras continually rising due to more state-of-the-art features, the push to purchase should become less important. In today’s times, leasing has become a more popular option, particularly if intending to use those cameras for a short period of time.

    Based on scientific analysis, most construction workers work on a site for at least a month. Leasing equipment for that amount of time will ultimately cost less than making it a part of permanent capital spend.

    Perhaps leasing sounds more complicated. It really isn’t when finding one reliable source for construction site security cameras to turn to again and again. Doing so allows you to save further money in the long run from having to upgrade. In addition, the cameras will save money from any losses resulting from:

    • Vandalism
    • Theft
    • Fire
    • Lawsuits

    Any of those scenarios could mean having to pay out compensation to someone injured on the job if the situation was never caught on camera. What makes this most impactful is you also don’t have to worry about installing the leased cameras yourself.

    Installing at Your Convenience

    Because the cost of installing just four wireless cameras from outside companies can reach four figures, it pays to have your leasing agent install for you. Doing so costs less because of the leasing contract.

    Installation teams through your leasing company will also have far more experience since they install on construction sites every day. They additionally have proper safety equipment to ensure they get the cameras installed without bringing risk of injuries from the get-go.

    Mobile Video Guard is a leading source in providing safety equipment for construction companies throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia.  Founder Shawn Scarlatta worked in law enforcement prior to starting his company, giving him considerable knowledge in how surveillance camera technology works in the 21st century.

    Leasing through us eases capital spending, including a well-trained staff available to provide proper installation when needed. Most importantly, leasing the cameras means always having the latest technologies available to prevent having to do expensive upgrades.

    Other Features

    Features of the Mobile Video Guard surveillance cameras include 24/7 surveillance from the company’s on-site team to catch theft and fire during work hours or at night. Cameras also come equipped with strobe lights, plus loud speakers, so the team can speak to the site if an emergency occurs.

    Cost to Install Video Surveillance Cameras for Construction Site Contractors

    All of this helps save money further on installation costs since you never have to worry about hiring a security team. Hiring security guards can cost more than buying the cameras, proving the value of leasing through a company with extra resources.


    Leasing from Mobile Video Guard is a major money saver based on the above statistics and common construction site scenarios. Never will you have to regret spending extra on cameras that may need replacing sooner than expected.

    Visit us to learn more about our surveillance cameras and other comprehensive construction site safety equipment.


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