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Secure Video Surveillance for Commercial Site Safety

Mobile Video Guard serves business owners, developers, property managers and anyone else responsible for safe and profitable operations of a commercial site.

Protect Utility Infrastructure

Our Innovative Security Solutions Deliver Top-of-the-Line Site Security Camera Surveillance.

Our quick-response dispatch deters crime, protects your business and gives you peace of mind. Protect your commercially-zoned business or multi-use development with remote monitored site surveillance. Our expert security service providers are here to make sure your business is covered in these key safety areas: 
  • Loss Prevention
    • Employee Theft
    • Breaking and Entering
  • Operations Monitoring
    • Internal Efficiency
    • Protocol Adherence
  • Liability Improvement
    • Claims Reduction
    • Reliable Proof
  • Crime Deterrent
    • Vandalism
    • Kidnapping
    • Violence

Remote Video Security Surveillance Serves Every Commercial Site

From banks to boardrooms to B&B’s, your business’s success – and therefore your success – is tied to its security. According to 2017 FBI data, 15% of robberies occur at commercial locations. Whatever line of commercial business in, you’ll find that Mobile Security Guards has the video surveillance service and protection power to maximize your commercial site security. Our goal is keeping your business safe, minimize loss, and maximize savings.
Video commercial Surveillance security

Protect your commercial site with remote video surveillance systems by Mobile Video Guard.

We’re here to help you! Give us a call, fill out our online contact form, or stop by our office for a free site design quote for your commercial space anywhere in Virginia, D.C, Maryland, Delaware, or Southern Pennsylvania!

What sets Mobile Video Guard apart and makes us stand out from the crowd

We recognized the benefits of a mobile video surveillance system and created a better, more responsive, and affordable solution. We are prepared to meet your surveillance needs with two options for comprehensive site monitoring.  With VSaaS, our security technicians can install permanent video surveillance equipment at your site. If you already have a security camera system, we may be able to connect it to our remote monitoring system. Then, our Remote Site Security Specialists will monitor your site to alert your local law enforcement in case of suspicious activity. Our Mobile Video Guard Trailers are a unique solution to a common problem: how to protect your site effectively without the cost or hassle of round-the-clock guards. These mobile video trailer systems are equipped with a time lapse camera and designed to be portable and rugged. They’re ideal for short-term use when you need outdoor security cameras. These also connect your site with our Remote Site Security Specialists and have the added bonus of crime-deterrent technologies.

See it in action:

caught on mobile video guard security camera

Why Mobile Video Guard Is The Right Choice For Your Commercial Site?

Mobile Video Guard secure video surveillance services provide round-the-clock security for sites zoned for commercial uses. We’re in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., as well as Delaware and Southern Pennsylvania.

remote Surveillance cameras

Protect Your Shopping Centers & Mixed Use Developments

Retailers in the U.S. lose almost $50 billion per year to theft, according to a National Retail Federation Survey. Most theft is due to shoplifting, but employee theft is also a problem. 

Prevent loss, stop shoplifting, and make your customers feel safer with secure surveillance backed by law-enforcement trained remote security agents.

Mixed-use developments are becoming more popular. They offer many amenities and support a mobile, convenient lifestyle. But this blending of home, work, play, shopping, and education also provides unique opportunities for several types of security threats in one place. 

Stop crime before it happens. Make your development a safer place to work, live, and play with remote monitored video surveillance that never stops.

Construction Surveillance video footage
Construction Surveillance video footage
New Construction site surveillance

Mobile Video Guard cctv

Keep Offices, Hotels, & Banks Safe

Safety concerns for office buildings include random office violence, physical and data theft, and more. Employee theft rates are higher for small businesses, as employees are trusted with critical responsibilities without supervision. Remote video monitoring solutions help make sure your business runs smoothly and protects your company from theft and subversion.

Top concerns for banks include safe cash handling, identifying suspicious persons and activities and employee monitoring. Bank employees are at high risk for workplace violence, and cash assets make banks especially vulnerable to armed robbery. Prepare for the worst; expect the best. Choose Video Surveillance as a Service as part of your total bank security system.

Hotels are one of the most crucial places for tight security. With people of all trade and purposes traveling at all hours, it’s easy for criminals to disguise illegal activities such as ID theft in their comings and goings. 

Ready to protect your business’s physical security and corporate reputation? Install secure remote video surveillance monitoring and keep recordings for future reference.

Advanced surveillance Technology

Make Parking Lots Safer

Parking lot safety focuses on vehicle and driver protection, such as proof of an accident for insurance claims, prevention of car theft and crime deterrence. Parking lots, especially at night, and even more so in high-crime areas, attract loitering and other criminal behaviors. 

Protect your business and keep your clientele and visitors safe with responsive, remote parking lot surveillance.

thermal video camera
why you need cctv for your construction site

CCTV Security cameras

Efficient: Better Security For Less Money

Security guards are a popular choice, and while they may be right for some situations, the cons can outweigh the pros. They’re expensive and limited in their scope of surveillance. 

With Mobile Video Guard, you get an unsurpassed scope of surveillance with our technology that works to deter crime, not just record it. Have trained eyes on your site at all times, in real-time, with remote guards monitoring your feed 24/7. All for dramatically less cost than hiring security guards – 60% – 90% less.

Effective Video Surveillance

Features that simplify and strengthen security to stop offenders, not just “see” them

Your average commercial security solutions system may have permanent cameras installed and a security officer watching a live feed. The drawbacks to this system include limited visibility, single-function cameras, and distracted, less-than-dedicated surveillance guards.

Mobile Video Guard has innovative response systems to stop offenders in their tracks rather than simply recording them and hoping for intervention. Our mobile video units include:

  • Pole or Wall Mounts
  • 4 Camera Views
  • Time Lapse Video
  • Motion Detect Camera
  • Red/Blue Strobe Lights Alarm System
  • Speaker to “Talk to” the Site
  • Cellular Modem
Video commercial Surveillance security
why you need cctv for your construction site

quality surveillance cameras

Experienced: Technology With An Impact

Mobile Video Guard is led by Shawn Scarlata, Founder and CEO. Shawn has been at the forefront of security in the Washington metropolitan area for more than two decades. He has over 25 years of law enforcement and security experience. Mobile Video Guard’s parent company SMART Security Pros was founded by Shawn in 2016. We’ve been garnering rave reviews since.  Combining groundbreaking video surveillance technology with decades of licensed, law-enforcement trained expertise makes Mobile Video Guard’s services one of the most powerful commercial site surveillance solutions on the market. Our Remote Site Security Specialists team is made up of individuals with strong security and law enforcement backgrounds. We vet every team member for personal integrity and commitment to safety before we induct them into our rigorous training program.

Choose A Surveillance System That Suits You

Which you choose depends on site type and your security priorities. If unsure which service is right for you, call our security team for a consultation and quote, or scroll through our blog to read about different surveillance applications.

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