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Book & Publishing Trade Show Security Strategies

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    Publishing trade show security is a constant need because book events and trade shows continue to be critical to the success of the publishing industry.

    Despite constant cries that “print is dead,” the publishing industry is doing quite well.  Though to be fair, e-books and audiobooks do bring in billions in revenue for the industry. But print books are doing all right on their own: in 2018, 675 million print books were sold in the United States alone!

    And in 2019, book publisher revenue was up nearly 7% in just the first half of the year!

    Book publishing trade shows and other book events have long been a crucial part of the publishing industry. They help new authors and independent booksellers to connect and grow, introduce agents and editors to upcoming talent and propagate important professional relationships. They even help increase publishers’ and authors’ marketing reach and brand awareness.

    Publishing trade show security

    Why the Industry Needs Publishing Trade Show Security

    There’s a host of events out there for professionals and novices in the world of publishing. Book and magazine publishing trade shows, book fairs, printing and publishing trade shows and expos and trade conferences are held across the U.S. and globally every year. 

    These events give publishing industry experts a chance to network with other pros and related vendors. While the focus of each publishing expo is different, in general, they offer opportunities for discussing marketing strategies, partnerships, distribution and technology, and more.

    Attendees come from a wide scope of careers within the publishing industry:

    • Booksellers
    • Film producers
    • Acquisition editors
    • Publishing companies
    • Librarians
    • Publishing agents
    • Marketing professionals

    Writers and Publishers’ Conferences

    Similar to publisher trade shows, writer and publisher conferences are a gathering place for those in the book industry. The main difference is that conferences tend to be less about distribution strategies and more about creative strategies.

    Conferences are attractive to book and magazine publishers, librarians, writers, and editors. Typically, book fairs are hosted at these conferences, giving attendees a chance to network and learn from one another. 

    Conferences also feature writing and editing workshops, plus provide agents and editors a great place to search for new talent for their publishing companies.

    Book Fairs and Festivals

    Unlike conferences and trade shows, book fairs and festivals usually offer a more consumer-facing experience. These cultural and educational events help expose wider reading audiences to more books and give publishers and authors a great branding and marketing opportunity.

    One such event is the Library of Congress National Book Festival, a widely celebrated annual festival. This book festival gathers best-selling authors and their fans in a day of free activities. The day’s events include author talks and panel discussion, book signings, and more.

    (As an aside, the Library of Congress is also now hosting yearlong series of events, “National Book Festival Presents.” This series of special events features selected authors and their works, plus “related Library treasures.”)

    The highlight of a book festival is usually the appearance of a major author. Book signings, readings, and talks are all common.

    Publishing trade show security

    Why to Hire Book Event and Publishing Trade Show Security

    “The lynchpins of the international publishing calendar are the vast book fairs at which publishers, editors, agents and retailers convene in order to conduct business, network and negotiate foreign and translation rights.” – Simone Murray

    Intellectual Property Security

    Trade fairs are designed to be a place to network and exchange ideas. But in a world where copyright infringement runs rampant, extra precautions are needed to protect intellectual property. 

    The security risks of a book fair include having so much intellectual property on display. Having proper trade show security at a book fair helps to discourage copyright infringement and protect intellectual property.

    Physical Publishing Trade Show Security and Safety

    Book fairs and publishing trade shows attract large crowds. Large crowds attract risk. Risk at a trade show can range from theft and vandalism to dangerous overcrowding. At consumer-friendly book fairs and festivals, additional risks include lost children and unexpected violence. 

    Security issues may even include physical harm to notorious authors and guest speakers.

    Hiring physical security for trade shows and book fairs can prevent physical harm, improve the atmosphere of the event, and protect against financial damages.

    Trade Show Security Options

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    1. Security Guards

    Security guards are not the right option at all times. However, for large national trade shows and conferences, having a few trained security professionals on-site could prove highly beneficial.

    Keep the Event Moving Safely

    Armed security guards – and even unarmed guards – deliver added peace of mind with physical protection. With functions including access control, patrolling, assistance for attendees, and de-escalation of disruptive behavior, professional guards can be worth the expense, even in a low-risk event.

    Protect Noteworthy Guests and Speakers

    Security guards are especially desirable at trade fairs and conferences where famous authors will be present. Eager fans have been known to put their heroes at risk. With trained security on site, the guests of honor can enjoy the spotlight in safety.

    Publishing trade show security

    2. Trade Show Video Surveillance

    Trade shows welcome theft by their nature. People are distracted, small goods and electronics are out, and trade show storage can be a disaster.

    That’s why international book fairs, trade shows, and exhibits benefit from security services designed specifically for them. Video surveillance has been proven in publishing trade show security, and effective in preventing theft and vandalism. 

    Live video footage helps trade show exhibitors keep their booth safe during the event. It can also enhance future shows, providing a visual record of on-site interactions.

    Mobile video surveillance technology like Trade Show Video Guard is a responsive surveillance solution made for trade shows, fairs, festivals, and conventions. The video surveillance system is available on a contract-free basis, with features including:

    • Same-day service
    • Five-minute set-up
    • Crime-deterrent safety technologies
    • Motion-sensing cameras
    • Time-lapse video recording
    • Overnight remote monitoring

    The convenience and effectiveness of the Trade Show Video Guard is matched by its affordability. Mobile video surveillance can protect any publishing industry event with high-quality security for a fraction of the cost of hiring security guards.

    Trade Show Video Guard Secures Publishing Trade Shows, Book Fairs, and More

    Contact Mobile Video Guard today to learn more about our specialized publishing trade show security solutions. We’ve been leading the security industry in the Chesapeake Bay Region for years. You can call us at 844-724-2183, email us at, or use our online form to request a professional security quote.


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