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11 Reasons Construction Sites are Using Business Surveillance Systems

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    Do you own a construction business or in charge or a construction site? Are you happy with the current state of your site? If the answer is no, you might need surveillance to make your job easier.

    Video surveillance has become a necessity in any business. Up to 78% of all workplaces monitor their employees – and for a good reason.

    There is increasing concern among employers. This in regards to employee safety, theft, and workplace conduct.

    The need for business surveillance systems is a must for construction sites. With how busy construction sites become, they become harder to watch. Proper security and employee surveillance can help you save time and money in many ways.

    Not convinced? Take a look at the 11 reasons why you need surveillance cameras for business. 

    1. Monitor Construction Workers

    Business surveillance is useful for watching the activities of your field employees. To note, the entire construction site will have a big number of drone workers. There’s not enough manpower to see what they’re all doing.

    In the past, what foremen do is delegate. Information gathering gets a pass through some of their team members.

    This sort of “pass around” type of reporting is unreliable. It can breed miscommunication between people. It’s also only scaleable to a certain degree.

    By getting installation from a video surveillance business, field managers’ jobs get easier. They can observe worker efficiency amongst their people. If there’s a delay in the process, you can go back to recorded videos and see where the problem is.

    In itself, surveillance should make it easier to track everyone.

    2. Monitor Architects, Engineers, and Design Teams

    Surveillance cameras for business aren’t limited to watching the worker drones. At times, you would also need to observe your engineers and design team. Why would you want to track your people in-charge?

    For one, architects and engineers have deadlines. Utmost efficiency in both operations and human resources management is crucial. It helps in completing the project objectives on time.

    Project managers can also make communications clearer with their field personnel. As the surveillance cameras act as their eyes, they can refer to onsite issues easier. This happens without the need for any vague descriptions.

    3. Understand Resource Consumption

    Resource consumption is a common problem in many construction sites. Every part of the process has a cost. Inappropriate materials usage can cause undue expenses.

    Small expenses, if left unchecked, can grow up to become big issues in the future.

    Why use a business surveillance system for this type of small job?

    Here’s the thing. Construction teams tend to use resources fast. If you want to account for the entire project, you need to look at every material.

    If there are problems in the gears, their quality, or the materials, there’s something you can do. Stakeholders can use the video to check back into the inventory.

    Whether there’s something illegal happening or in need of simple accounting, surveillance helps. Mobile surveillance for business can help reduce your resource consumption.

    4. Simplify Theft Prevention

    Theft of materials is one of the most significant issues in many construction sites. This can go from something as simple as a few bricks to even theft of heavy machinery. This is not only extra cost for the company but a delay in the project.

    Surveillance cameras for business are perfect to use as security deterrents. They’re there to make sure that you can prevent pilferage of goods in the first place.

    Theft is not from the outside all the time. It’s so rampant that the U.S. loses up to $50 billion a year due to internal theft. You should not focus all your closed-circuit cameras outside. Rather, set them on focus and choke points.

    5. Prevent Criminals and Intruders

    This may sound redundant with the previous point, but it’s the truth. Mobile business surveillance in and out of your premises can deter crimes. This is important not only for your security but for your people’s safety too.

    An unguarded property can run the risk of harboring criminal elements and squatters. There are cases of criminals using empty construction sites for their deeds. Getting your business roped into such controversy is a major no-no.

    Surveillance cameras for business are useful in pushing the lawless elements out. People fear surveillance, knowing there’s an entity that’s watching over them. The mere existence of cameras pointing at people is enough to make people nervous.

    This gives you peace of mind, in addition to keeping your people safe.

    6. Preventing Possible Liabilities

    Liability lawsuits tend to be a problem in construction sites. Any construction area has dangerous materials and tools in them. Even if you follow all safety precautions, you still have the risk of your employees not following occupational safety and health guidelines.

    In the event of an accident, the benefits of a video surveillance business are clear. Video evidence is one of the most critical pieces that relieves you of responsibility. As long as it’s not a deliberate violation on your part, you should be secure.

    This saves you a lot of time, money, and work on any litigation efforts that you might encounter. Knowing that you have CCTV surveillance can give you peace of mind that you don’t have lawsuits coming up your way.

    7. Business Surveillance of Construction Progress

    Project managers tend to be busy people. This is the same for general contractors and stakeholders on the business. Most of the time, project managers will need to take care of various sites.

    When this is the case, remote checking is a valuable time saver. Stakeholders and business owners don’t have to be on site all the time. This gives you the flexibility that you may not have due to different commitments.

    A proper CCTV system can also save you time, and surveillance is a worthwhile investment. Rather than wasting time visiting sites every day, you can run the business via remote view instead.

    8. Mobile Surveillance for Business Safety Protocol

    Occupational safety and health compliance is a must in any construction site. There’s an exhaustive amount of training and compliance documents that a business owner needs to know to operate within proper safety protocol. This is why businesses need safety engineers to be around all the time.

    The problem is, the safety engineer cannot check all activities, including ones that are happening at the same time. This is a problem as workers tend to do work outside the allowed limits of compliance. Workers have much to gain in proper obedience to occupational safety standards.

    If you hire a video surveillance business, you will have video records of everything happening within your walls. You can pinpoint any shortcomings to the one who fails to comply.

    9. Deter Vandalism with Surveillance Cameras for Business

    Vandalism is one of the more usual issues in construction properties.

    This can ruin a business little by little, and there’s evidence to it. Theft can ruin any company, especially bigger firms who have more to lose. Smaller businesses also suffer the negative impact from vandalism.

    Proper business surveillance can allow you to secure your perimeter. It can prevent anyone from trespassing or vandalizing important parts of the project. This not only prevents damage but cuts down on the time you will waste repairing the vandalism.

    Surveillance videos can help you look at the faces of perpetrators closer. You can then do the proper action to address this problem, knowing that you have complete evidence. You can then talk to law enforcement or get private security, depending on your needs.

    10. Prevent Sabotage and Destruction to Property

    Saboteurs can play a big role in the damage and delay of your entire project. Sabotage happens whenever property damage happens and materials, safety equipment or heavy machinery get ravaging. This can put human lives in harm’s way.

    Saboteurs tend to be mission-oriented when they want to destroy a business form the inside. By using a CCTV system, you can find who’s performing the sabotage. This leads to the prevention of any loss of life in the matter.

    11. Resolve Internal Issues with Employees

    Internal issues tend to rise within the ranks of your people on the field. In-fighting and miscommunication are common in stressful work environments like construction. Many times, this can lead to scuffles, verbal confrontations, and the like.

    Mobile surveillance for business can capture all these on camera. You can either use the videos as evidence or as a way to help you decide on internal issues. Not only do you get a clear image of what is happening, but you also get it without bias.

    Since video surveillance has no bias, you can resolve conflict with a full understanding of the circumstances. Being able to replay footage and see what happens, you give more nuance to any argument. You prevent he-said/she-said arguments and any subjective outcomes.

    You Need Business Surveillance Systems in Your Construction Site

    When you think about it, your construction site’s success and safety rely on how you handle the site. To make the most out of every project, you need hands-on supervision of everything that is happening. Why leave it to others when you can do it yourself?

    If you want to take care of your construction site, you should. You must also focus on other things too, so business surveillance systems are key. Proper CCTV systems can help you.

    Not sure which video surveillance business to trust with your company? Mobile Video Guard has you covered.

    We offer state-of-the-art tech that gives you peace of mind whenever, wherever. Combine technology with law enforcement experience and see the difference.

    Find the security specialists who know what they’re doing. Get Mobile Video Guard to take care of you. Talk to us now and experience what true protection feels like.


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